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Impact Wrestling 2/13/14 Preview: Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson

The following preview for tonight's episode of Impact Wrestling is courtesy of ImpactWrestling.com: Can TNA President Dixie Carter and new investor MVP co-exist and work together? Their first meeting this past Thursday didn't go well for Carter, as MVP told her that changes were coming to IMPACT ! What does MVP have planned - and how will Dixie react? Tune in Thursday night to find out as MVP continues to assert his new power in TNA! Video: MVP and Dixie Carter have their first meeting Thursday's broadcast will also feature a culmination of months of pure hatred as bitter enemies Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson battle in a Casket Match! How far will each superstar go to end the other's career? Bully Ray and Mr. Anderson will go to hell and back on Thursday - and one man will get the ultimate … [Read more...]


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