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Review: The Last of Us Remastered


The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment America Genre(s): Survival, Third Person Shooter Released: July 29, 2014 ESRB Rating: M – Mature The Last of Us was an undeniable hit when it landed a year ago on PS3, both with PS3 owners and critics. The game received perfect scores galore (including from me) and over 200 Game of the Year awards (again, including mine). For me, it was one of the swan songs for the PS3. It was no surprise then earlier this year when The Last of Us Remastered was announced for PS4. After all, the system has been selling very well, and a lot of PS4 owners never owned a PS3. With the updated and more powerful hardware, a remastered or definitive version of 2013's Game of the Year just made a lot of sense. The … [Read more...]

Grounded Bundle DLC Will Make The Last of Us A Whole Lot Harder

The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an amazing game that won my Game of the Year award for 2013 along countless other sites. I beat it several times (including Survival and Survival+) en-route to 100% finishing the single player. I also got 100% on the much shorter Left Behind DLC story. Many found The Last of Us to be a challenge on normal. Hard lived up to its name. Survival mode though took away any sort of possible advantage or hand holding (Listen Mode) by making already scarce supplies even more scarce. Now the final DLC for the game is almost here, and while it's primarily geared towards the awesome multiplayer, it does contain a new difficulty mode for the single player campaign. It's called Grounded Mode, and this is how Naughty Dog describes it: Grounded Mode will be the hardest challenge you’ll … [Read more...]

Here’s The Launch Trailer For The Last of Us ‘Left Behind’

Tonight is the night many PS3 gamers have been waiting for since last June: the release of the The Last of Us single player story DLC, Left Behind. When midnight rolls around, Left Behind will be available on the PlayStation Store to download and play. The story DLC, which will run around two hours, is a prequel to the main game putting players in the shoes of Ellie with her best friend Riley. The DLC is free if you bought the $20 season pass, other wise Left Behind will be available for $14.99. Below is the official launch trailer for the game. Do note that The Last of Us saw a patch today that you'll need to download before you can play Left Behind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5jt7Twyhxc Smith's Sentiment: I incorrectly posted on Tuesday that Left Behind would be available when … [Read more...]

The Last of Us Single Player DLC ‘Left Behind’ Available Today

[UPDATE] Apparently the DLC isn't releasing until Friday, February 14th. When the PlayStation Store updates later today, Naughty Dog's first ever single player DLC will be available to download. "Left Behind" serves as a prequel to "The Last of Us" where players will control Ellie accompanied by her best friend Riley. "Left Behind" will be available for $14.99. If you've bought the season pass (which is $19.99) then you'll be able to download "Left Behind" for "free" along with all of the multiplayer DLC that has been released. The single player DLC story comes in at around 5GB and the campaign will take around two hours to complete. You can purchase the DLC on Amazon by clicking here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYaS8CAg68k Smith's Sentiment: The Last of Us was my Game of the Year … [Read more...]

Naughty Dog Announces Uncharted for PS4

During tonight's live PS4 All Access event, Naughty Dog announced Uncharted for the PS4 in the form of a teaser trailer. Check it out above. There was no number attached, nor a subtitle. At this point, it still isn't known if its a Nathan Drake adventure or if the series is going in a new direction similar to Second Son. Nevertheless, it's Naughty Dog and it's Uncharted, and that's all I need to know. What do you think of the teaser? … [Read more...]


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