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WWE RAW 11/24/14 Preview: The Authority Is No More, Survivor Series Fallout

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Last night WWE delivered one of the most memorable pay-per-view events in quite some time. Dolph Ziggler's star shone brightest as the Show Off outlasted three members of Team Authority to get victory for Team Cena as the sole survivor. Sting made his long awaited WWE debut to help Dolph Ziggler get the win by ensuring that Triple H couldn't screw Ziggler, which he was a one count away from doing. After a staredown, Sting dropped the Game with a Scorpion Death Drop. And with a three count, Dolph Ziggler was made into a big time superstar and the Authority was out of power. Don't expect to see Sting on RAW tonight. But on Twitter, Michael Hayes did state that there would be more surprises on RAW tonight. Larry the Cable Guy as guest host. The comedian is in the house to promote his new … [Read more...]

Video: WCW Icon Sting Finally Makes Long Anticipated WWE Debut at Survivor Series


The conclusion of tonight's Survivor Series saw the legendary Sting finally make his WWE debut. Sting came out just as Triple H was about to screw Dolph Ziggler. The WCW icon hit Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and then draped Ziggler's arm over Seth Rollins to give Team Cena the win. As a result, The Authority is out of power. This obviously sets up a potential WrestleMania 31 match for Sting against Triple H. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6ffp3cnkI … [Read more...]

WWE Week In Recap – John Cena Gets His Team, Full Survivor Series Preview


This was WWE's final week to try and get folks who haven't yet to take advantage of the Network being free, and thus Survivor Series being free for those people. I think RAW, more than anything else, did a decent enough job of really hyping the main event of Survivor Series. I would have liked to see more emphasis on other matches, and even more announced, but WWE chose instead to basically make Survivor Series seem like a one match show. Granted they've done a good job of building that match and making it important, but still they could (and should) have done more to really sell the event. It's like they said, "well it's free, so we don't even have to try." That's not the way to go about it. Before we do anything else, let's check out the results from the week's television … [Read more...]

WWE Week in Recap – The Big Guy Defies The Authority


This week, WWE headed to England for the first part of a European tour. Both RAW and Smackdown came to us from Liverpool, England, and as WWE was running separate house shows on Monday and Tuesday, each show featured only half the roster. That said, they were both surprisingly good, with RAW edging out Smackdown as the better show of the week. But then Smackdown had the best match of the week. Of course that's only the main roster shows; NXT had one of the best TV show's of the year, so obviously the best show of the week by far. Before we do anything else, let's check out the results from the week's television shows: Monday, November 10, 2014 Liverpool, England Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger in 11:20. Paige defeated Alicia Fox in 2:15. Rusev defeated Sheamus via count out in … [Read more...]

WWE RAW 10/20/14 Preview: Nearing The Gates of Hell

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Tonight WWE RAW comes to us LIVE from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO just days before the Hell in a Cell event on Sunday. We know that Dean Ambrose will team with John Cena to take on Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Kane in a 3-on-2 handicap match. We also know that the Hell in a Cell structure will be hanging from the Spring Center. I would imagine that Ambrose and Cena will get separated, and one will likely catch a beating inside the Cell tonight. Hulk Hogan is advertised to appear according to the live events page, but WWE hasn't mentioned it anywhere else. After the departure of Justin Roberts, Lillian Garcia will be handling ring announcing duty. WWE announced earlier that AJ Lee will be defending her Diva's Championship against Paige at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. RAW airs … [Read more...]


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