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Tonight After RAW on WWE Network, Stone Cold Steve Austin Does Live Podcast With Vince McMahon; Will He Ask About CM Punk?

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If you're not subscribing to WWE Network, you might want to consider doing that. Tonight on the Network, immediately following RAW, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be doing a LIVE podcast where he'll interview Vince McMahon. This just days after CM Punk's explosive interview on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast. Of course the big think everyone wants to know now is whether or not Steve Austin will ask McMahon the really tough questions concerning CM Punk and what he had to say. WWE.com teased as much today in an interview with Steve Austin: WWE.COM: What is the one thing you want Mr. McMahon to have to answer on your live podcast on WWE Network? AUSTIN: Nothing is off limits. There’s a line that I won’t cross, but that’s for my standards — nothing that WWE has told me. There are many … [Read more...]

[UPDATED] WWE RAW 12/1/14 Preview: Cyber Monday Sees The Return of the Anonymous General Manager

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Tonight RAW comes to us LIVE from Greenville, South Carolina. It's Cyber Monday, and as revealed at the conclusion of RAW last week, the Anonymous General Manager will be the guest GM this week as WWE plays up the cyber aspect. Fans will be able to vote for matches and stipulations via the WWE App. Which of course means its sounding an awful lot like a bad episode of RAW will be going down tonight. Hopefully not. WWE of course hasn't announced any matches or anything to be voted on yet. They'll be building towards TLC, which so far has two matches announced: Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose in a TLC match and Kane vs. Ryback in a Chairs match. We'll see if any new matches get announced tonight, and I suspect they will. If WWE announces anything for the show tonight, we'll update this … [Read more...]

WWE Week In Recap – Dolph Ziggler & Sting Put The Authority Out of Power


Well the final week of November was both noteworthy and so-so for WWE. They started the week with a really good, two match Survivor Series pay-per-view. That event saw the crowning of new tag team champions and a new diva's champion. More importantly, Survivor Series saw the reign of The Authority come to an end thanks to a star making performance from Dolph Ziggler and a serving of justice from Sting. Yes, Sting finally made his WWE debut and thus ended the quote "greatest superstar to never step foot in a WWE ring." The franchise of WCW, and longtime TNA performer, stepped inside that WWE ring and dropped Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop. Some three seconds later, Dolph Ziggler pinned Seth Rollins and the WWE Universe got to sing the Goodbye song to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon who … [Read more...]

WWE RAW 11/24/14 Preview: The Authority Is No More, Survivor Series Fallout

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Last night WWE delivered one of the most memorable pay-per-view events in quite some time. Dolph Ziggler's star shone brightest as the Show Off outlasted three members of Team Authority to get victory for Team Cena as the sole survivor. Sting made his long awaited WWE debut to help Dolph Ziggler get the win by ensuring that Triple H couldn't screw Ziggler, which he was a one count away from doing. After a staredown, Sting dropped the Game with a Scorpion Death Drop. And with a three count, Dolph Ziggler was made into a big time superstar and the Authority was out of power. Don't expect to see Sting on RAW tonight. But on Twitter, Michael Hayes did state that there would be more surprises on RAW tonight. Larry the Cable Guy as guest host. The comedian is in the house to promote his new … [Read more...]

Video: WCW Icon Sting Finally Makes Long Anticipated WWE Debut at Survivor Series


The conclusion of tonight's Survivor Series saw the legendary Sting finally make his WWE debut. Sting came out just as Triple H was about to screw Dolph Ziggler. The WCW icon hit Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and then draped Ziggler's arm over Seth Rollins to give Team Cena the win. As a result, The Authority is out of power. This obviously sets up a potential WrestleMania 31 match for Sting against Triple H. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6ffp3cnkI … [Read more...]


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