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WWE RAW 9/22/14 Preview: Night of Champions Aftermath

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Tonight on Monday Night RAW, Dean Ambrose makes his in-ring return when he takes on Randy Orton, who knocked off Chris Jericho last night at Night of Champions. Seth Rollins cost John Cena his chance at potentially winning the WWE Championship last night, so you can expect Cena to try and get his hands on Rollins tonight. Might as well, Brock Lesnar flew back home and so will not be appearing on RAW tonight (at least not live). The Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler last night to regain the Intercontinental Championship thanks to a distraction from Damien Sandow and Miz grabbing the trunks to get the pinfall. WWE's website is stating that Ziggler will be looking for retribution tonight. Miz wasn't the only one to win a championship last night as Goldust and Stardust captured the Tag Team … [Read more...]

No More Wrestling Content on Vortex Effect

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We started this site in April 2011 and the very first post was a wrestling post. The site was intended to be largely a wrestling site with a focus also on gaming and movie reviews; very much a hybrid mashing of our different interests. Overtime, the site has shifted more and more towards video games and the wrestling took a back seat, mostly. The initial audience we had for wrestling stuff left, seemingly not caring about all the gaming stuff that was dominating (can't say I blame them). Likewise, not too many of our current readership cares about the wrestling content. So, while Vortex Effect remains a hybrid site of gaming and movies, and even sports occasionally, there will be no more wrestling content here (unless its about a video game). Why are sports allowed and wrestling has to … [Read more...]

John Cena Is The WWE 2K15 Cover Superstar

WWE 2K15

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon revealed the cover of WWE 2K15 tonight on RAW, and as many of us figured it is new WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. WWE 2K15 hits stores on October 28th for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Smith's Sentiment: That's not a surprise, but I don't have much of a problem with it. It has been a few years since Cena last appeared on the cover anyway. The cover itself looks pretty good; I like it better than last year's. I wouldn't be surprised to see WWE and 2K run another contest allowing fans to make their own covers with the winning cover being printed on the reverse of the actual cover. That's just a guess though. Now 2K, please don't make us wait until Summer Slam to start seeing anything about this game that is releasing in OCTOBER. A screen shot … [Read more...]

WWE 2K15 Cover To Be Revealed LIVE Tonight on RAW

WWE 2K15

WWE and 2K has announced that the cover for WWE 2K15 will be be revealed light tonight on RAW by Stephanie McMahon. RAW airs at 7pm CT on USA Network. https://twitter.com/StephMcMahon/status/483731717367558145 https://twitter.com/WWEgames/status/483731937308053504 WWE 2K15 hits stores on October 28th for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. Smith's Sentiment: I'm not even going to venture a guess, but nonetheless I'm hyped for the game this year. Also worth noting that the previous two years the cover has been revealed on RAW, and on that same night a trailer has debuted. If that historical trend continues, we should see our first look at the game tonight. … [Read more...]

WWE RAW 5/5/14 Preview: Extreme Rules Aftermath

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Last night, WWE delivered a pretty good event on WWE Network and pay-per-view. Extreme Rules was, in my opinion, highlighted by a great and wild six-man tag match between The Shield and Evolution that saw The Shield come out victorious. Tonight, RAW will kick off with a 20-man over the top rope battle royal for Dean Ambrose's United States Championship. This match was announced by Triple H on Twitter as being "best for business," so Triple H is through with The Shield just yet. Also tonight, it's the debut of Adam Rose. I know some folks are looking forward to that. I haven't been a fan of the gimmick thus far in NXT, and I don't think it'll go over well on the main roster, but I'm hoping for the best. Gimmick aside, Adam Rose is pretty good. That's all that's been announced for … [Read more...]


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