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Friday Fast Five Film Reviews (11/21): The Equalizer, Transcendence, Amistad, Girl Most Likely, & Rush Hour 3


It's Friday, and that means that it is time once again for another Fast Five Film Reviews. This time there is four of us (myself, Jules, Brian, and Snowman) and no set genre, so there'll be a range here from action to thriller and drama to comedy. Jules is up first with two films from this year starring some big name actors. The Equalizer (2014) Official Score: 2 ½ stars Denzel Washington has two different kinds of characters that he is known for (although he does stretch outside the box occasionally) that being sweet, caring, mentors or complete hardasses. This movie supplies him with both roles at the same time. Robert McCall works at one of those big box hardware stores like Lowes/Home Deport, and spends his idle hours reading through “The 100 books you must read before you die” … [Read more...]

Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas Review: Destiny The Poster Collection & Journal


Christmas is right around the corner, so you may have already been purchasing some gifts or at least thinking about what you'll get someone. If you know someone who is a fan of the video game Destiny, you may want to consider these two Destiny themed items from Insight Editions. The Destiny: The Poster Collection paperback book retails for just $14.99 at Amazon ($24.99 MRSP) and it features 20 removable, high quality posters. The posters are big; they measure 12 x 0.4 x 16.1 inches. They're also great pieces of art for fans of the game (some of the posters may even appeal to folks who aren't fans of the game).  Prior to this, I had never seen a poster book from Insight Editions, so I didn't really know what to expect. I assumed it'd be a flimsy magazine style poster book with cheap … [Read more...]

Friday Fast Five Film Reviews (11/14): The Wedding Singer, Signs, Grandma’s Boy, Duplex, My Super Ex Girlfriend


This week on Friday Fast Five Film Reviews I dig into my backlog of quick movie ratings. You won't see names under the reviews, as we usually do, because this week all of them were written by me. As I said, this is dipping into the backlog of reviews we have that haven't been published here, so all of these we written in 2006 or 2007. We've got four comedies, two of which co-star Drew Barrymore, and one "thriller" on tap tonight. On with the show. The Wedding Singer (1998) Official Score: 3 1/2 stars Robbie Hart (Adam Sandler) is a local favorite as a wedding singer, who gets stood up at his own wedding. However, he soon falls for the new girl in town, Julia (Drew Barrymore), but unfortunately she's engaged to a man that thinks he's Don Johnson. Naturally, Julia falls for Robbie as … [Read more...]

Review: Call of Duty – Advanced Warfare


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (PC, PS4 [Reviewed], XONE, PS3, X360) Developer: Sledgehammer Games Publisher: Activision Genre(s): First Person Shooter Released: November 4, 2014 ESRB Rating: M - Mature The first game in the Call of Duty series released all the way back in October 2003 for PC, and while regarded as a great game I don't think anyone would have expected it to immediately become an annual franchise that would thrive for over a decade. But that's exactly what happened. My first experience with the franchise was Finest Hour on Xbox, and I wouldn't play another one until Modern Warfare on PS3. By the time I played Modern Warfare, the sequel had already released. As such, I didn't play more than one or two games of Modern Warfare online; I stuck to the campaign, which I enjoyed … [Read more...]

Review: BlazeRush


BlazeRush (PS3 [Reviewed], PC) Developer: Targem Games Publisher: Targem Games Genre(s): Arcade Racing, Indie Released: October 28, 2014 (PC), November 4, 2014 (PS3) ESRB Rating: E10+ - Everyone 10+ BlazeRush is a fast paced action racer with an isometric almost slanted top-down perspective. It harkens back to classic Micro Machines with combat and Mario Kart style boosters. The game features a career mode that largely feels like one big tutorial. Here you'll do things like complete solo laps within a certain amount of time, learn about weapons and power-ups, and of course race against bots. Naturally the actual racing part of the campaign is the best part of it, and it comes in a few different flavors. There's the standard three lap race in which you try to be the first one to cross the … [Read more...]


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