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Watch Kane Speak Facts About Money & Federal Reserve

In the video above, Glenn Jacobs (WWE wrestler Kane) speaks on "The Mises View" about the Federal Reserve, it's creation, and what it does to our "money" today. It's a very quick two minutes, and I highly recommend giving it a watch or at least listening to it. "The Devi's Favorite Demon," "The Big Red Monster," whatever you want to call him, Kane has long been a favorite of mine and not just because he's a libertarian Ron Paul supporting fan of Austrian economics either. Having said that, all of that stuff makes Glenn Jacobs awesome. When you get finished, be sure and visit the official website of The Mises Institute, which is the webs premiere destination for Austrian economics and is located in Auburn, Alabama not too far from where I am. The site, which I check daily, has a ton … [Read more...]

No One But Paul!

Yesterday, on the surface, seemed like a bad day for supporters of Ron Paul. I admit I was quite disappointed when Mitt Romney was announced as the "winner" of the Maine caucuses, simply because everything I had read and heard the past couple of days, and especially yesterday, pointed to a Paul victory. As I said in my Maine post the other day, the straw poll is meaningless. The delegates are what matters, and there's every reason in the world to assume Dr. Paul is poised to pick up the majority of the Maine delegates. In fact, it's possible that he could have won the straw poll had last minute shenanigans not ensued, such as caucuses being added on Friday in pro-Romney areas and the entire Washington county caucus being postponed until next week due to a dusting of snow. Washington … [Read more...]

Come On Maine, For Liberty!

The Maine caucuses have been taken place across the state since late January, and will continue through early March, but tomorrow the Maine GOP will announce the results of the state's straw poll. This straw poll, while it awards no delegates, is what the media will be reporting on tomorrow evening. Mitt Romney won Maine in 2008 with about 52% of the vote. He's predicted to win the state again in the results tomorrow, though the safe bet is that he won't win with over 50% this time. Romney is desperate for a winning after losing in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri on Tuesday... especially Colorado which was thought to be Romney state, and Minnesota where he finished third. Romney was coming off a huge victory in Florida and then in Nevada, but he's never been weaker than he is at … [Read more...]

“I Like George Washington Except on Foreign Policy”

This excellent piece was written by Jack Hunter on the Paulitical Ticker at RonPaul2012.com: Ron Paul’s philosophy is that of the Founding Fathers. For Paul, the Constitution is the law of the land, not a mere rhetorical tool. For Paul, maintaining limited government means “eternal vigilance,” to borrow Thomas Jefferson’s phrase, against political leaders’ tendency to empower themselves at the expense of the people. One of the ways government has historically empowered itself is through constant war. Like the Founding Fathers, Ron Paul believes in a strong national defense. Also like the Founders, Paul fears adopting an irrational offense. Our first President George Washington expressed this fear on September 17, 1796 when he delivered his farewell address. Washington said America … [Read more...]

POLL: Who Do You Think Won Tonight’s GOP ABC New Hampshire Debate?

The Republican debate from New Hampshire has just concluded on ABC, and now we want to know who YOU think won tonight's GOP debate. Vote in the poll below for the candidate you think did the best job tonight, and then drop us a commenting letting us know who you voted for (and why) and what you thought of the debate in general. … [Read more...]


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