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Destiny Daily 12/19/14: You’ll Need More Patience and Time To Get What You Want From Xur, Daily Bounties


Last night I joined up with some clan members (Better Hide or Die) and a couple of randoms from DestinyLFG (I'm not sure which one) and we ended up downing Crota, literally, on both of my Hunters. Both times I got the same rewards; shader, emblem, 3 Ascendant Energies, and the Song of Ir Yut machine gun. As my mic doesn't work at the moment and I was the only one with a fully maxed out upgraded Ice Breaker, I was on Boomer duty (which was fun). We tried to do it legit, and despite coming extremely close failed. So we ended up doing the ultimate, lame cheese of having the host disconnect to permanently Crota down on one knee. Loot is loot though, so I'll take it however I can get it. Was really hoping for a shard though, or something I could dismantle for a shard. And a Black Hammer, I … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 12/18/14: Daily Bounties, Xur Arrives Tomorrow, Iron Banner Continues


I took my newly created alt Hunter from level 13 to 20 yesterday. The moment she hit 20, I equipped the new Vanguard armor I had purchased plus the Knucklehead Radar helmet to get her to 30 instantly. I then gave her my Ice Breaker and set about soloing the first two sections of Crota's End. I scored some energy from the chest, shards and the gloves from traversing the abyss, and energy again for crossing the bridge. I came out of there with five shards after dismantling the gloves, and I still had three or four before I went in, so I was able to upgrade the gloves again on my main. I then saw my brother was online, in orbit not doing anything, so I got him to start and solo the raid with my level 27 Warlock tagging along; energy and a bond from the chest, shards from the abyss and shards … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 12/17/14: Daily Bounties, The Husk of the Pit Assault Rifle


Yesterday was a pretty good day for me in Destiny. I did the first two sections of the raid solo; I got some shards and the exotic rocket launcher Dragon's Breath from the first chest. After traversing the abyss, I got some more shards and another pair of the raid gauntlets (which I dismantled for more shards). After crossing the bridge, I got some energy and the raid chest piece. So now I have three pieces of raid gear and upgraded helmet, so my getting to 32 is now just a matter of getting radiant shards (I used the only seven I had yesterday to level up my gloves once). Now I only need 56 more and I'll be 32. So in March when the House of Wolves comes out and the level cap gets increased again, I'll be just about to 32. I did the Nightfall with my brother and I got an upgraded … [Read more...]

Destiny Gets New 1.14MB Hotfix; You Can Now Replay Fist of Crota


Destiny has just gotten a new hotfix, and before a lot of you freak out, it isn't to make the first sections of the raid unable to do solo (that's probably still coming though, unfortunately). Here are the patch notes: : The one that followed Expansion I. This update corrects some issues that were introduced to Destiny with the release of The Dark Below. We are also continuing to support the Destiny sandbox with changes that were identified prior the launch of Expansion I. General Fixed a typo in the German word for 'Radiant Energy' Weapons General Fixed an issue in which some weapon projectiles were improperly penetrating Hive shields Pocket Infinity Rolled back changes induced by a previous Exotic weapon update Charge up and … [Read more...]

Destiny Daily 12/16/14: The Iron Banner Returns,The Summoning Pits Await in the Weekly Heroic & Nightfall, Daily Bounties


Today we get to earn Marks once again, plus head back to the Summoning Pits for the Nightfall. That's an easy one; well it's easy if you cheese it (which I recommend). The Iron Banner has also returned for those who care. I don't really see the point since none of the gear will help get you to 32. I'll skip it and focus my attention on the PVE. Having said that, doing the Iron Banner bounties is a great way to level up weapons and armor. You will need The Dark Below expansion to do the Iron Banner. We have a lot to get to today, so here are the bounties for 12/16: BOUNTY DESCRIPTION + REP / + EXP Relic Harvest - Cosmodrome Collect 200 Sensor Mites in Cosmodrome. 50 / 2500 One For All Achieve Gold Tier Rating in Public Events. 100 / 5000 Exalted Hive Kill 10 … [Read more...]


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