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Review: Rise of The Tomb Raider

February 7, 2016 // 2 Comments

Rise of the Tomb Raider  (PC [Reviewed], Xbox One, Xbox 360) Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Nixxess (PC) Publisher: Square Enix Genre(s):  Action Adventure Release Date: January 28, 2016 (PC), November 10, 2015 (Xbox One, 360) ESRB Rating: M – Mature The Tomb Raider reboot of 2013 was my dark horse game of the year, as it was for many other people. It was impressive and it struck a nice balance on gameplay and challenges that drew in many new fans to the series, including myself. I had always respected this series and I had tried out several of the earlier games, but the twitch gameplay [...]

Review: Just Cause 3

January 6, 2016 // 0 Comments

It's all about getting lost and getting crazy in an open world sandbox and being encouraged and rewarded to do it as insanely as you possibly can. How can you not like that? [...]

Just Cause 3 Story & Missions Dev Diary

October 29, 2015 // 0 Comments

Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have released the fourth Dev Diary for Just Cause 3, this one centering on the story and the missions of the game. You can check it out below. Just Cause 3 hits stores on December 1st for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Smith’s Sentiment: Despite some issues, I loved Just Cause 2 for what it was… a game to just go and wild and have fun with. It excelled at pure fun. Just Cause 3 looks like it will be more of the same, but this time I actually have some hope that the story itself, while not taking itself seriously, will actually be something to pay [...]

Nier: Automata Gameplay Trailer Revealed

October 29, 2015 // 0 Comments

Square Enix has released the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming PS4 exclusive action-RPG, Nier: Automata, which is being developed by the talented folks at PlatinumGames. As the trailer shows off, Automata features fast paced action gameplay that players would expect from PlatinumGames, and at 60fps. Check out the trailer below. The Official PlayStation blog has a great post up today from SEJ West Community Manager Dan Seta that details the “Full Story Behind Neir: Automata” that I highly recommend you go check out in its entirety. We’ll pull out a small slice of that: [...]

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