Wednesday , 16 April 2014

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Review: Thief


Thief (PC [Reviewed], PS4, XB1, Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Developer: Eidos Montreal   *Nixxes Software BV for the PC. Publisher: Square Enix Genre: First person stealth adventure Release date: February 25, 2014 This is a series that has been on hiatus for too long. Like many other long fans who have held their breath since the mixed bag but IMHO overly ... Read More »

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII “Savior’s Choice” Trailer


Above is the new Gamescom trailer dubbed “Savior’s Choice” for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The Savior’s Choice trailer takes you into The Wildlands; a rough expanse of wilderness that will reunite Lightning with Chocobos, Moogles (Kupo!), and an old friend: Sazh. You’ll also get a glimpse of Lightning’s unique battle abilities, including her super attack: Army of One. Lightning ... Read More »

Edios Montreal’s THIEF Confirmed for Xbox One

Square Enix sent out a press release today confirming that THIEF, from the studio that brought us Deus Ex: Human Revolution, is coming to Xbox One. “The team at Eidos-Montreal is thrilled to confirm that THIEF is coming to Xbox One. The next generation of home consoles allow us to create the best and the most immersive THIEF game ever. ... Read More »

Review: Tomb Raider (PC)

Tomb Raider (PC [Reviewed], PlayStation 3, X-Box 360) Developer: Crystal Dynamics Publisher: Square Enix Genre(s): Third person action adventure Released: March 5, 2013 ESRB Rating: M – Mature In many years I could sign off on this game as “Game Of The Year” outright. It’s that good. In a year like 2013 is shaping up to be and the fact ... Read More »

Review: Hitman Absolution

Hitman Absolution (PC [Reviewed], Playstation 3, Xbox 360) Developer: IO Interactive Publisher: Square-Enix Genre(s): Third person action/stealth Released: November 20, 2012 ESRB Rating: M – Mature I’m a long time Hitman fanboy. I view Blood Money as the apex of the series and that hasn’t changed with the advent of this game. Just to get that out of the way. ... Read More »