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Rumor: Take Two Acquires WWE License

I wasn't going to post this, because I don't like to deal in rumors, but it's popping up at more and more places now that I might as well. It appears, and was first reported on IGN, that the WWE license has been acquired by Take-Two Interactive; the parent company of 2K and Rockstar. The WWE license is of course owned by WWE, but THQ held the contract through 2017. The WWE license was not up for grabs in the auction of THQ's assets, so this a deal worked out separately between WWE and Take Two. There was, and still is, a rumor that EA was getting the license. Frankly, I think it is more likely that Take Two snatched it up, as they did participate in the auction of THQ's assets and actually acquired "Evolve," the game that was in development by Turtle Rock. Take-Two has … [Read more...]

It’s Official, THQ No Longer Exists; Letter Sent to Employees Today

Well this sucks, and while the writing was on the wall for a while,  there was a glimmer of hope that THQ would survive its financial problems. That glimmer was extinguished yesterday and confirmed today, when THQ's assets were auctioned off and Clearlake wasn't able to buy the company as we had hoped. Here's what we know so far as it relates to THQ's assets, and this is confirmed by both the CEO and President of THQ: Yesterday morning, we received a competing bid for the operating business, along with Clearlake's offer, and numerous offers for separate assets. During an auction process that lasted over 22 hours, the final conclusion was that the separate-asset bids would net more than a single buyer for the majority of the company. Shortly, we will, present the results to the … [Read more...]

Smith’s Venom: WWE ’13’s Frustrating One Count Bug

I scored WWE '13 a 9.0 in my review earlier this month because it is a superb wrestling game, and I still think that. But more and more I am becoming increasingly frustrated with one bug that only lasts a second at a time, and that's one counts. In wrestling, it takes a three count to pin someone. The normal match will see multiple pinfall attempts and 98% of these will result in the opponent kicking out at two. There are couple of reason's for this: 1.) It creates more drama in the match, and 2.) The wrestler typically uses that two seconds to take a breather. The problem with WWE '13 is that it doesn't follow that basic concept. Two counts in this game are almost non-existent, unless you're using a leverage pin and only then when the opponent can reverse your pin attempt with a pin … [Read more...]

Review: WWE ’13

WWE '13 (Playstation 3 [reviewed], Xbox 360, Wii) Developer: Yuke's Publisher: THQ Genre(s): Wrestling Released: October 30, 2012 ESRB Rating: T - Teen Yuke's and THQ could a big step forward with the WWE license last year when they scrapped the RAW vs. Smackdown name and gutted the engine to give the series its first true overhaul in years. WWE '12 ended up being the best playing wrestling game of the generation thanks to the all the big improvements made. This year, Yuke's is back with WWE '13 and it's largely the same gameplay wise. That's not a bad thing. Annual titles get a lot of hate if they don't reinvent the wheel every year, but WWE '12 was such a big improvement that I don't know why anyone would have wanted them to drastically start changing things up a year late. … [Read more...]

Trailer Thoughts: WWE ’13 Launch

Trailer Thoughts is a new frequent series that will be featured on Vortex Effect. Instead of simply posting game trailers thrown our way by PR people, we're going to provide thoughts on the trailer and score the trailer's effectiveness on a Hyped/Meh/Soured scale. THQ released the official WWE '13 launch trailer today, and you can watch the almost 2:30 trailer above. The game releases tomorrow for PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii. Official trailer description: The official launch trailer for WWE '13, featuring the all-new "Attitude Era" Mode, Predator Technology 2.0, WWE Live audio presentation system, WWE Universe 3.0 with "Creative Rabbi" Paul Heyman, the best Creation Suite ever and the largest roster in franchise history! … [Read more...]

The Online Improvements Made for WWE ’13

WWE '12 was a great game, and yet there was a bad aspect to it that unfortunately didn't show itself until after my review of the game was posted (which was the morning of the games release). I'm of course referring to the online aspect of WWE '12, particularly the Community Creations feature which worked fine before release but as time went on became a broken mess that almost never worked for more than a couple of minutes. Well there's good news, THQ is promising that the online issues have been fixed for WWE '13, and we'll just have to take them at their word for the time being. Here's a list of the improvements made to the online aspect of WWE '13 courtesy of WWE Games Community Manager, Aubrey Sitterson. Improved Community Creations server performance General latency … [Read more...]

WWE ’13 Developer Q&A No. 3 – Bryan Williams & Aubrey Sitterson

THQ has released its third developer Q&A video for WWE '13, with this installment focusing on questions related to movesets. Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams and Community Manager Aubrey Sitterson answer YOUR questions about movesets in WWE '13. The video is almost 35 minutes long, so get comfortable. It is worth watching though. WWE '13 is hitting stores on October 30th for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. … [Read more...]

Bryan Williams Provides a Walkthrough of WWE ’13 Creation Suite

THQ has released a new video featuring Senior Game Designer Bryan Williams walking us through the WWE '13 creation suite, which includes Create-A-Superstar, Create-A-Special Move, Create-A-Moveset, Create-A-Story, and Create-An-Arena. Of course the big thing with Create-An-Arena this year is that we'll be able to change the stage, ramp, pick a venue size, change the lightening, and pick between a modern WWE crowd or an Attitude Era crowd. The full video, embedded above, is just over 17 minutes long and is a good rundown of all the creation tools available in WWE '13. WWE '13 will hit stores in North America in just under two weeks on October 30th for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. … [Read more...]

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin Sit Down With Jim Ross to Talk WWE ’13

THQ and WWE have released a new video promoting WWE '13 that features Jim Ross sitting down with WWE Champion CM Punk and WWE Hall-of-Fame inductee Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is a fantastic video, and you absolutely need to watch it. Punk, Austin, and Jim Ross all do an amazing job. I'd buy a DVD of these three sitting down talking wrestling. WWE '13 hits stores on October 30th for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. … [Read more...]

Paul Heyman Talks About Being The Creative Rabbi For WWE ’13

The current manager of WWE Champion CM Punk, Paul Heyman contributed storyline input to WWE '13's Universe Mode. Community Manager Audrey Sitterson talked with Paul Heyman about his role working on WWE '13, the Attitude Era, and the influence of ECW. Check out the video above. WWE '13 hits stores on October 30th for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii. … [Read more...]


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