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All-in-One Entertainment System, Xbox One, Requires Separate Device

This isn't surprising and is what any sane person would have thought, but nevertheless it is humorous. Earlier today, Microsoft announced Xbox One and it is "the all-in-one entertainment system." In an hour long press conference, Microsoft spent roughly 30 minutes or more talking about things like TV and watching NFL with your fantasy stuff on the side of the screen. The monstrous Xbox One, this "all-in-one entertainment system," requires you to have a separate device if you want to access all that TV stuff that Microsoft went on and on and on about today. You can read the press release here. At launch, Live TV will require a supported receiver device with HDMI output (sold separately). Not really "all-in-one" if you need a separate device, but yes you will need a supported … [Read more...]

Microsoft Announces Xbox One, Coming This Year

Microsoft revealed the next generation of Xbox today and it's called "Xbox One." It's named that because it's the "all-in-one entertainment system." And when they say entertainment they mean it. Xbox One will allow you to watch TV, view a program guide, watch movies, watch sporting events and keep up with your fantasy teams. You'll be able to Skype with friends and browse the Internet with Internet Explorer. Oh, and it plays some games too. It has improved Kinect and a redesigned controller that looks mostly the same but actually "looks and feels different." Sweet. Xbox One is coming out sometime this year. We'll probably get release date and price at E3 in just a few weeks. … [Read more...]


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