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Yes We Have Forums, And Here’s Why You Should Totally Register & Join Us

TVE Forums

Hey you... yeah, YOU! Did you know The Vortex Effect had a message board? If you did and haven't registered yet then I must ask... Seriously, quit stalling and register already. Your body is ready for the discussions that await in the magical place that is TVE Forums. If you didn't know, well we do; and now that you know we do, you should totally click over to them and register (free, obviously). Go on, do it! Yesterday, I changed the default theme of the forum for the first time in years. It's got a fresh new look, and you can even browse this site from the forum's portal all while keeping up with our YouTube videos and tweets. You can check out the new homepage and the new portal below (and then you can click this link and go register, seriously, you want to). After all, if … [Read more...]


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