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Nintendo Wii Bundle Gets A Price Cut; Now $169.99

Target, GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon all have the Wii Bundle (Wii, Wiimote w/Motion Plus, Nunchuk, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort) available for $169.99. That's down from the previous price of $199. Nintendo has release a comment on the price cut. According to IGN and uncomfirmed reports, the Wii may see another price cut down to $149.99 in May. Stinger's view: Those of you without a Wii really need to take advantage of this, especially if it gets down to $150. That's a great bargin of a bundle, and the Wii has plenty of great games (read Nintendo games) that makes the system more than worth having. Then again, maybe you want to hold off until next year and get the rumored Wii 2 HD. … [Read more...]


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