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WWE RAW 11/24/14 Preview: The Authority Is No More, Survivor Series Fallout

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Last night WWE delivered one of the most memorable pay-per-view events in quite some time. Dolph Ziggler's star shone brightest as the Show Off outlasted three members of Team Authority to get victory for Team Cena as the sole survivor. Sting made his long awaited WWE debut to help Dolph Ziggler get the win by ensuring that Triple H couldn't screw Ziggler, which he was a one count away from doing. After a staredown, Sting dropped the Game with a Scorpion Death Drop. And with a three count, Dolph Ziggler was made into a big time superstar and the Authority was out of power. Don't expect to see Sting on RAW tonight. But on Twitter, Michael Hayes did state that there would be more surprises on RAW tonight. Larry the Cable Guy as guest host. The comedian is in the house to promote his new … [Read more...]

Video: WCW Icon Sting Finally Makes Long Anticipated WWE Debut at Survivor Series


The conclusion of tonight's Survivor Series saw the legendary Sting finally make his WWE debut. Sting came out just as Triple H was about to screw Dolph Ziggler. The WCW icon hit Triple H with a Scorpion Death Drop and then draped Ziggler's arm over Seth Rollins to give Team Cena the win. As a result, The Authority is out of power. This obviously sets up a potential WrestleMania 31 match for Sting against Triple H. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sU6ffp3cnkI … [Read more...]

WWE Survivor Series 11/23/14 Complete Results; Authority Out, Sting Debuts


We'll be providing LIVE results from tonight's Survivor Series event, so if you can't watch the event keep refreshing this post. The event begins at 7pm CT and the pre-show is underway right now. Note that we don't do play-by-play results; just who won and how, and maybe some quick thoughts on the match. Keep refreshing throughout the night for the latest. Pre-Show Match: Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel via pinfall. Fandango was wearing a salsa dancing inspired outfit and has slightly tweaked entrance music. As advertised, Rosa appeared with him as his new dance partner. The match last just over three minutes and was a good showing for Fandango. Bad News Barrett returned to deliver bad news to John Cena, and The Authority. Fun promo from BNB. Survivor Series begins in about … [Read more...]

WWE Week In Recap – John Cena Gets His Team, Full Survivor Series Preview


This was WWE's final week to try and get folks who haven't yet to take advantage of the Network being free, and thus Survivor Series being free for those people. I think RAW, more than anything else, did a decent enough job of really hyping the main event of Survivor Series. I would have liked to see more emphasis on other matches, and even more announced, but WWE chose instead to basically make Survivor Series seem like a one match show. Granted they've done a good job of building that match and making it important, but still they could (and should) have done more to really sell the event. It's like they said, "well it's free, so we don't even have to try." That's not the way to go about it. Before we do anything else, let's check out the results from the week's television … [Read more...]

Survivor Series SPOILER: A HUGE Name is Set To Make WWE TV Debut


PWInsider.com is reporting that a HUGE name is set to make his WWE TV debut at Survivor Series, but the individual isn't scheduled to appear on any TV shows (although that could change I guess). If you do not wish to see a Survivor Series spoiler then do not continue reading. Survivor Series airs this Sunday on pay-per-view and WWE Network. And yes, at this point I'm just padding the post in case you want to turn back, but mainly to avoid having the spoiler appear on the main site index. The individual in question is none other than... The icon and franchise of WCW, STING! Sting is also heavily rumored to be a headliner for the 2015 Hall of Fame. What Sting's role at the event is remains to be seen, but we'll find out Sunday. It should be a surreal moment to finally see Sting in a WWE … [Read more...]


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