This Software Has Been Responsible For Where I Stand Today!

This Software Has Been Responsible For Where I Stand Today!


I was in a deep crisis when I lost my job:

It came as a shock when out of the blue I was handed over the pink slip. I was not even given a notice period and I attribute it to nasty office politics. I had a chance of defending it in the courts but I just did not want to carry it so far.

You know how life becomes when you are financially committed but have no source of income:

It was a dark phase. I had no idea what I was going to do. The prospect of becoming homeless was looming large in front of my eyes. I was in deep emotional crisis and I cannot now tell for sure if I did not even consider ending my life.

One thing I was very sure about:

When all this happened, I realized that I was extremely resilient. I did not give up even in the face of extreme pressure and I guess I understood at that point of time that everything was not over; not just yet!

I wanted to begin living again; Bitcoin Trader was my flicker of hope!

When I began scouting for a job, I realized that post-recession, there weren’t many people who were still ready to have extra hands in their offices. Things were only getting better and I knew that it would take a little more time to find the right breakthrough.

I began trading on this wonderful software only with the hope of breaking even:

I have all my life been a minimalist so it is always easy to get on with life with even the minimum of resources. But what I cannot compromise on is the loss of self-dignity.

Trading on this software helped me get back my confidence in myself and also my dignity:

I could never imagine myself standing in for welfare or anything of that sort. I began trading and taking life bit by bit. It helped that the software only asks $250 as the initial investment. I could scrape that much from my bank account.

I am so glad that this software turned out to be a legit one:

I cannot imagine what my state would be had this software been fraud or scammed me. God has been really kind to me. With the profits that I could easily manage every day, I started anew.

Today, I have a well-paying job but every evening I go back home to trading on Bitcoin Trader. This is something I think I will do for the rest of my life. For old time’s sake; for nostalgia!