First Batch of WWE All Stars DLC Now on PSN

Allstars DLC Arrives A Week Early

The first batch of downloadable content for WWE All Stars was released today on the Playstation Network.

Honky Tonk Man is available as a free download, while the father-son duo of Dusty and Cody Rhodes are available in a pack for $1.99

PlayStation 3 users with the pre-order code for Million Dollar Man and Ted DiBiase are also now able to redeem them and download those two as well.

The DLC will be available on Xbox LIVE next Tuesday, unless it gets put up before then as a special release to make it up for the content being made available a week before the scheduled April 19th date on PSN.

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3 Comments on First Batch of WWE All Stars DLC Now on PSN

  1. sandman6741 // April 12, 2011 at 8:59 PM // Reply

    Ahh, The Honky Tonk Man…now I can re-live one of my all time favorite SummerSlam matches…

    “Get me somebody out here to wrestle, I don’t care who it is!!!”


  2. Lol that was a classic Warrior moment right there.

    I rewound the Summerslam 88 tape a billion times to watch it.


  3. LOL, I’ll never forget it. A 30 second whirlwind of complete career killing squash.

    I was as big a mark for the Warrior as anyone back in the day and I still laugh thinking about that but gee whiz, that sure didn’t establish HTM as any kind of credible threat to keeping that title, did it?

    What was sad and something I didn’t laugh at was sometime right around WMV time I was watching Prime Time Wrestling on Monday nights and they showed a match from MSG where it was Andre The Giant vs. Ultimate Warrior and God help me if Warrior didn’t run out, music playing, hit Andre with several running clotheslines off the rops over and over again, Andre took this sloppy “gotta sell this” kind of slow fall (you all remember what he was like in those last years)…Warrior hits the splash, gets the win, it’s all in 30 seconds, the music never even stopped.

    I thought that was damned sad and pissed all over Andre myself.


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