Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

Uncharted 3

Since the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta is now open to everyone with a PSN account, and I’ve been playing it for over a week now, now is as good a time as any to post my Beta Impressions.

I’ve hit level 28 or 29 at this point, and have really enjoyed my time with the beta. I prefer the co-op to the competitive, which is why I haven’t played that much of the beta since Monday when they switched out Co-op Arena with Co-op Hunter.

Co-op Hunter is essentially a co-op/competitive hybrid that sees two human players versus two human players with AI teammates. The heroes have to plant as much treasure as they can during the round, and then villains have to stop them. Then the two teams switch sides. It’s not a horrible mode, but I’m not real big on it. About the only thing its good for, to me, is allowing the player to sort of see what its like for the AI during Co-op Arena’s Gold Rush portions.

I haven’t tried out the new Team Objective mode yet, since last I read there were some problems with it (which may or may not have been fixed by now; Naughty Dog has been working very hard during this beta and I was super impressed at how quickly they fixed the beta during its first day when it was virtually unplayable).

If you played Uncharted 2’s multiplayer, there really isn’t too much different with Uncharted 3’s multiplayer. It feels just like any other Uncharted experience; good controls, good shooting, decent cover, good climbing, and the always awesome feeling of snapping a dude’s neck. Basically, if you liked Uncharted 2’s multiplayer at all, then you should definitely be liking Uncharted 3’s multiplayer at this early stage.

I’m eagerly awaiting the next co-op mode, Co-op Adventure, to be inserted into the beta on July 9th, as the adventure co-op is the closet thing to the single-player story mission experience with the gorgeous cinematic’s.

Speaking of cinematic’s, there’s some great real time cinematic’s going on during some of the multiplayer modes. Team Deathmatch on the Airstrip map sees players on a moving plane fighting off the other team who is attempting to board the plane from trucks that are speedy up to the plane. Aiming from the trucks isn’t the easiest thing, as you could imagine how difficult it would be for real, but the whole scene is really cool and shows off the kind of experiences that Uncharted has to offer both in single player and in multiplayer. In the same regard, the ruined building in the Chateau map will burn (great fire effects) and some stuff around the maps is destructible, which is always fun.

If you, for whatever reason, have tried out the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta yet, go do so now. The beta ends a week from today, on July 13th. It’s, unfortunately, to late to experience the awesomeness that is Co-op Arena, but there’s more than enough to keep you entertained and the new Co-op mode will be brought in this Saturday.

Gameplay is great, and the game looks great, both of course are things that people expect out of an Uncharted game. Naughty Dog has patched it a few times already and continue to work hard to make it an even better experience. I’ve had a blast playing the beta for the past week, and I’m definitely going to miss it when its over next week (although at least then I’ll have the full game of NCAA Football 12 to play). Uncharted 3 is already my most anticipated title of the year (tied with Assassin’s Creed: Revelations) for its single-player experience, but the beta has only shown that multiplayer will once again been a tremendous value that will only serve to make Uncharted 3 that much better.

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3 Comments on Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta Impressions

  1. I pretty much agree with all of that. It takes everything from Uncharted 2 and makes it arguably a little bit better and just MORE of everything. What more could you ask for? There’s at least one game mode that will appeal to just about everyone.

    And of course we will have another fantastic single player game with a great story and great action. This will be a GOTY contender no doubt.


  2. Sounds like you have got a lot of mileage out of this so far. I have only tried a couple rounds, but I had fun with them. I oughta mess around with it some more before the beta ends. I just have a bad habit of getting distracted with other titles, and then I try to play through them for review purposes.


  3. Yeah I know how that goes. Beta last until July 14th, although the 12th will probably be my last day with it since that’s when NCAA Football 12 comes out.

    You should get on tomorrow when they update the modes and join myself and Q (q5676 here) in the co-op campaign/adventure mode.


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