Catherine PS3 Demo Impressions

Catherine PS3

The demo for Catherine hit the Playstation Network and Xbox LIVE on Tuesday, and I found the time to tear myself away from NCAA Football 12 yesterday to try it out and went back to it a few minutes ago to give it another test spin. Now, I’m ready to give my impressions of the Catherine PS3 demo.

Right off the bat, this was never a game that I intended on buying simply based off the videos. The demo did nothing to sway my opinion, if anything it actually reinforced it. This just isn’t a game for me and I don’t see it being successful at all in the United States.

I’ll give Catherine some credit: the game looks amazing, it’s unique, and parts of it are pretty fun. But it’s the whole package that turns me off. If this were a $10 downloadable title only featuring the puzzles/climbing of the towers, then I’d probably purchase it. As is, there’s way too much of nothing in the demo, which only means there’ll be even more of it in the full game. What I mean by that is simple, you spend too much time watching the characters do stuff, talk, and occasionally hitting a button. In the midst of all of this, it lost my interest.

The actual climbing of the towers was quite fun though, and to be honest a lot more fun than it looked in the video previews. The first, tutorial one, isn’t much of a challenge, but the second one was a just a tad harder since Catherine was there to make it more challenging. I genuinely enjoyed these parts of the game and while they seem like they’d get repetitive (albeit harder) over time, I could see myself playing a game where that’s all I did with maybe a smattering of a story sprinkled throughout.

Unfortunately, there’s too much crap in the way of the good stuff to me. I’d consider buying this once the price severely drops (like the $15 budget range), but not until then. Some folks will love the in between stuff, but not me.

Catherine hits store shelves on July 26th for PS3 and Xbox 360. You can view a video of the demo below.

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1 Comment on Catherine PS3 Demo Impressions

  1. I just can’t make myself even fire up the demo. I just have no interest at all. I’m actually amazed to see that there’s even actual gameplay in this.

    Thanks for the write up.


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