God of War: Origin’s Collection Demo Impressions

God of War Origins Impressions

God of War: Origins Collection brings both of Kratos’ PSP adventures (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) to the big screen on the PS3. The collection release sees the two games remastered in HD and 3D. While the Origins Collection will hit store shelves on Tuesday, September 13th, a demo was released last Tuesday for Playstation Plus members. The demo will be made available to all PSN members tomorrow. Here’s some quick impressions of the demo ahead of its open-to-all release tomorrow.

The demo comes from Ghost of Sparta, and it is the very beginning of the game. Kratos, as the new God of War, has a vision and sets out to change it. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the cutscenes look really good. I’d even say better than the cutscenes from the God of War Collection (the majority that weren’t in HD). The gameplay itself also looks really good in HD. If you’ve played the God of War Collection, you shouldn’t notice any big difference in graphics (I didn’t, but I’m not a graphics hound).

You’ll start the demo heading to the city of Atlantis. After you beach, you’ll get your first taste of the big monster boss Scylla. This portion offers no real challenge, which is expected since it is at the beginning of the game. Pound his head a few times, play the little mini-game, and the monster will leave and you’ll go on your merry way.

After a few more battles with enemies, big and small, the demo will end by teasing the final battle with Scylla and treating you to a nice trailer of the Origins Collection. All in all, it’ll take maybe 15 minutes to run through it (more or less depending on how good you are at God of War games). The demo does what it is designed to do; 1.) pump you up for the release of the collection and 2.) showoff how good these PSP games look when remastered in HD for the PS3. Based off the demo, I’d say the graphics bump alone is worth rebuying the games if you are a God of War fan and bought the games for the PSP. If you’re like me, a fan of the series but don’t have a PSP, then picking up the Origins Collection is a no-brainer.

The demo is available tomorrow on PSN for all PSN members, so definitely check it out and get a feel for the game and its controls (which admittedly did take me a while to get used to since they aren’t all the same as the controls for the God of War Collection. I had a habit of routinely trying to open doors and chest with R1, when I should have been hitting the circle button). You’ll get used to it.

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