October 2011

Review: 4 Elements HD

October 14, 2011 // 1 Comment

4 Elements HD (PSN [Reviewed], iOS) Developer: Boolat Games Publisher: Boolat Games Genre(s): Puzzle, Matching Released: August 30, 2011 ESRB Rating: E – Everyone 4Elements HD is a matching game, but instead of swapping two adjoining pieces to try and put three of the same color together, 4 Elements HD requires you to look carefully and use the joysticks (or Move) to chain three or more same colored gems together. Each level as some type of liquid energy, and you’ll have to destroy the tiles by creating chains to create a path for the energy to flow to the alter at the end of each level. [...]

Review: NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

October 11, 2011 // 5 Comments

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (PSN [reviewed], XBLA) Developer: EA Canada Publisher: EA Sports Genre(s): Sports, Arcade Released: October 4, 2011 (PSN), October 5, 2011 (XBLA) ESRB Rating: E – Everyone I’ll admit up front that I absolutely hate basketball, and that I could care less about any basketball simulation game. That’s why I’ve loved the NBA Jam series since I was a kid playing it on the Genesis, or SNES, or in an arcade. NBA Jam strips the game down to its most basic element without having rules (with the exception of goal tending) and without complicated controls. Basically, NBA [...]

Review: Eufloria

October 4, 2011 // 5 Comments

Eufloria (PSN [Reviewed], PC) Developer: Omni-Labs Publisher: Omni-Labs Genre(s): Real Time Strategy Released: October 4, 2011 (PSN), November 30, 2009 (PC) ESRB Rating: E – Everyone If you’re a PS3 gamer who has been longing for a satisfying, addictive, and simple real time strategy game to sink many hours into then you are in luck; Eufloria is available as of today on Playstation Network, and it’s the RTS game that you’ve been looking for. Strategy games haven’t translated all that well to consoles, mostly due to poor controls stemming from the fact that the games are [...]