Sniper Elite V2 Quick Impressions

Sniper Elite V2

I think this game is going to take a lot of people by surprise.

I really couldn’t be happier with it. I liked the demo and knew I was buying a good game but I didn’t expect to outright love it like I do.

Once you get the gameplay down, it’s basically video game crack. Once you get past the opening areas, the levels really open up nicely as well.

This is as far removed from run and shoot as you can get. You have the freedom to a point to approach challenges the way you want.

For example: In interiors I like to usually go Silent Assassin Agent 47 style up close with my silenced pistol otherwise it’s all sniper all the way.

You get an ever growing list of real life weapons from the era as you progress. The better shots you make, the more points you make which go on leaderboards against other players and I’m pretty sure contribute to how fast you unlock weapons and other goodies.

Here’s how you do it: Keep your heart rate down, use clear lung in scope mode, and pay attention ONLY to the red marker that you will see. That is exactly where your bullet will go in the target.

The higher difficulties mean more realistic and unforgiving bullet ballistics and physics and enemy AI.


1 Comment on Sniper Elite V2 Quick Impressions

  1. Cool. I had posted this on the forum and wasn’t sure it was worthy of this so thanks.

    For whatever reason, if you look around, it seems like the Xbox version is getting slagged on the most. I have no idea if there’s anything to that or not but the PS3 version seems to be making out a little better and the PC version, the one I have, is far and away the best version if people can swing it. This is a perfect example of the kind of game where a keyboard and a mouse are going to pay off dividends very quickly in terms of speed, accuracy, and overall responsiveness. The game is also DirecX10 capable which means if you have the right hardware on the PC you’re going to get some really nice eye candy that the console can only dream about. Some games more than others the PC versions are appreciably different or “better’ than the their console bretheren but this one is. The developers have indicated repeatedly that the PC version was not just a console port and it shows. The developers have been quite impressive on their overall level of communications and responsiveness to issues. They have a regular presence on the Steam forums for this game. On the day this game came out there was a little bug with preorder bonuses and they had it fixed that very day. I can’t ask for much more than that.

    With all that being said I’m going to make a few comments and observations that basically apply to all versions for the most part.

    When you sift through all the feedback out there you can boil the negatives down to two common denominator complaints:

    1.) Enemies spawn up out of nowhere if you pass a checkpoint in the game and that ruins immersion.

    I have to agree with that to a point. It’s lame. It’s kind of hard to swallow in the year 2012 on any game. If you’ve played like Left 4 Deady or Payday:The Heist, those games show you examples of what it can be like to move past nonsense like that.

    The PC version *might* be a little faster and more subtle on this “spawn out of nowhere” concept but it’s there. No getting around it. It’s a little disappointing considering how much the devs got right with this game.

    Here’s a perfect example of where the lameness bites you in the ass: It’s pretty lame to be sneaking along, having killed everyone and kicked ass, and then you pass that task checkpoint and suddenly some enemy sniper that wasn’t there 2 seconds ago when you thoroughly scouted the roofs out starts picking you off.

    That’s lame.

    I will say this: The devs have been mightily impressive with communications and responding to issues promptly. Skim the Steam forum for this game and you’ll see proof of that.

    I don’t know how feasible or complicated it would be, but it wouldn’t halfway surprise me if they figure out some way to put out a patch that would make this concept less abrasive and lame.

    Hand in glove with that complaint is:

    2.) Enemy AI. It could stand to be better. I can pick a spot and pretty much make it where I can wait them out and they’ll all eventually charge me and get killed. Granted, this is on only Marksman difficulty. Yes, I’m easing myself in. Sue me.

    I’m about at the point where I’m going to get the guts to man up and max the difficulty out and see what that does for me. I’ve heard from other people that the enemy AI does get some benefit in terms of gaining some IQ points on higher difficulties. I know for a fact that their shooting prowess improves at higher difficulties and becomes the stuff of weeping and gnashing of teeth for the player which is the way it should be in a game like this.

    To get the most out of this game I recommend people “man up” and play at higher difficulties to get the most out of the bullet ballistics, gravity, physics, and squeeze the most out of the enemy AI as possible.

    These two complaints weigh differently with different people. For me, they’re issues but they’re not egregious enough from what I’ve experienced to ruin the game by any means simply because it all somehow comes together as a nice, cohesive package anyways.

    I’m also halfway convinced that the console versions are a little bit worse off than the PC version in this regard just based on youtube videos and feedback comparing PC gamer feedback vs console version feedback. I’ve even some people in a position to compare both and clearly the PC version is the way to go for this if it’s a viable choice for people.

    People need to put on their BS lenses as they go out looking for feedback but before you even bother doing that, guess what? There’s a demo waiting for you on the platform of your choice that the devs put out before the game was released. Good for them. This should be industry standard across the boards.

    The demo is good but it doesn’t do the full game full justice. The PC version of the demo also has this bizarre reverse mouse accleration issue. That problem does not exist in the full game and the full game also looks, runs, and feels better than the otherwise fairly solid demo. The levels open up a heck of a lot more after you get past the demo areas in the full game as well.

    So if you like the demo, you’ll love the full game even with the above complaints noted.

    Why? Because somehow it all just comes together really nicely. You can even play the game in co-op with other players which is just outstanding in addition to multiplayer options.

    If you look around you will notice reviews and opinions are fairly polarized with little middle ground. Note details but remember the usual biases out there.

    For example, major outlets that shall remain nameless that have no problems giving the 600th version of the latest Call of Madden recycled run and gun game a 9/10 and such and go ahead and slag something like this? There’s a credibility issue there.

    Past that, of course, will simply be subjective tastes. People that only prefer run and gun fast paced first person shooters and the like will probably hate this came with little to no exception. Take that into account as well.

    The goods news is: Thanks to the Internet you can hit youtube and watch tons of footage right now to your heart’s content in addition to playing the demo for yourself. You can’t beat that.

    Unless things fall off the rails I’m well on my way to giving this game a nice strong 8/10 but we’ll see. Stay tuned.


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