I Am Alive Demo Impressions

I Am Alive

I’ve been wanting to try Ubisoft’s I Am Alive ever since the game came out earlier this year, and even though a demo for the title went up on PSN in April I just never got around to it. Realizing my gaming plate will soon be completely full, I decided to finally download and play the demo tonight while half-way watching WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

Let me just say I’m glad I never wasted my money buying this. It’s pretty bad; at no point during the demo did I have any fun whatsoever. And if the demo of a game can’t offer up some fun, or at least something compelling, then there’s no reason to believe the full game would either. The game looks bad (it’s a combination of too bright and too brown) and the animations are no good either. I can play, and love, a game that looks bad though.

I Am Alive has poor controls though, which is kind of surprising. I typically love these kinds of climbing games, but where Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed (a Ubisoft title) succeeds, I Am Alive fails horribly. I’m pushing the thumbstick up, why is this idiot trying to switch sides instead of continuing to climb up?

The game seems like it has some worthwhile ideas, and really this should be a fun game. If this demo is truly anything to go off of, and you have to believe it is, then the world of I Am Alive is boring and filled with absolutely nothing. Everything felt like a chore. There’s a stamina bar which could make you fall to your death when climbing, yet as soon as you’re standing your bar immediately feels back up. And even during the climbing moments where you think things might get a little intense because of your stamina bar depleting  you can open up your inventory and eat or drink something and restore some of it. The combat was just as boring as the platforming.

I want to play a survival game that doesn’t suck and that’s actually fun. Unfortunately, this isn’t it, but at least I didn’t spend any money on it. Maybe Ubisoft’s Wii U launch title ZombiU will be more fulfilling. This demo satisfied my curiosity in this title and turned me off of it. Guess I’ll wait until Naughty Dog releases The Last of Us.

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