WWE ’13’s Frustrating One Count Bug

I scored WWE ’13 a 9.0 in my review earlier this month because it is a superb wrestling game, and I still think that. But more and more I am becoming increasingly frustrated with one bug that only lasts a second at a time, and that’s one counts.

In wrestling, it takes a three count to pin someone. The normal match will see multiple pinfall attempts and 98% of these will result in the opponent kicking out at two. There are couple of reason’s for this: 1.) It creates more drama in the match, and 2.) The wrestler typically uses that two seconds to take a breather.

The problem with WWE ’13 is that it doesn’t follow that basic concept. Two counts in this game are almost non-existent, unless you’re using a leverage pin and only then when the opponent can reverse your pin attempt with a pin attempt of their own. You have a guy with an orange head and torso and you hit your finisher, you get a one count. Gee, Randy Orton just hit an RKO on Primo in a seven minute match dominated by Randy Orton and Primo kicks out of the RKO after a one count… that’s mighty realistic.

WWE '13

You know when you’re going to win; when the opponent doesn’t kick out at one. If your opponent doesn’t kick out after one, you’re guaranteed a victory because he isn’t going to kick out at two. No drama and no excitement. And this isn’t just an offline thing, this problem exists with online bots as well.

News Editor Eric W. and myself have played a ton of crazy and epic multi-man matches online using bots; Elimination Chamber matches, Championship Scrambles, and some of the craziest Six-Man Hell in a Cell matches you can create with Match Creator. It doesn’t matter how much damage we do to one of these bots, they keep kicking out at one. Only when three of four body parts are in the red do they finally get pinned. Heath Slater, late into match, kicked out of multiple pin attempts and actually went on to win a Hell in a Cell. Realistic? Hell no! Jinder Mahal survived being thrown off the top of the cell TWICE and taking finishers.

It’s to the point where you just have slap a submission, even the most basic of submissions, on these guys just to end the match because they’ll tap out after just a couple of minutes worth of damage.

The frustration with this has been building for a while, but it came to a boiling point last night in a Universe match. My tag team champions Epico and Primo have been having a great rivalry with each other and it came down two an Extreme Rules match last night (actually the second one of these they’ve had during this feud). I was Epico and the match was back and forth a lot of the time. After four or so minutes, I was left having to kick out of pin attempts with a very small red bar. But Primo, who I had done far more damage to, was kicking out at one EVERY time.

Finisher through the announce table? Did it.
OMG through the barricade? Did it, twice.
Broken tables? Several, including two flaming tables.
Broken ladders? A couple.
Broken chairs? A dozen or so.
Limb targeting? Yes, every body part multiple times.
Finisher? Six, kick out at one after each.
Submission? One, to end the match.

On what planet would Primo be able to do this? What sense does it make? I was a bloody mess who didn’t suffer a ton of damage compared to Primo, but it I was having to struggle to kick out with a very small red bad. And Primo, who I basically damn near killed, had no problems kicking out at one every time. I finally said screw it and picked up the submission win and turned the system off.

And then this is the type of response that gets posted by the WWE Games Community Manager on the official WWE ’13 message board when people talk about the issue:

“Because if you go into a match and immediately start spamming signature and/or finishers, you’re not playing the game like a real wrestling match, thus the results don’t look much like a real wrestling match.”

This doesn’t even begin to actually address the issue. It pretty much says all the players experiencing this problem are playing the game wrong. Yet it’s obviously false when you can’t set infinite finishers in Universe when flowing from one match to another, nor can you set finishers when playing online with bots.

After insulting peoples intelligence and trotting out the old “you must be playing wrong” line, they finally admitted it was a bug and they’re “looking” at a fix (whilst also pretending that only a handful of people on the Internet are experiencing the issue). We’ll see, I’m really not holding my breath for another patch.

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2 Comments on WWE ’13’s Frustrating One Count Bug

  1. Soooooooooooo friggin’ true! As great as this game is it’s got some silly glitches in it. This is one of them.

    I don’t know if it’s artificial difficulty boost since I think we’ve been playing at Legend but it shouldn’t matter. If you take a fall off of “that’s 50 feet in the air, folks!” as JR would say…guess what? You ain’t getting up on a one count or a 100 count.

    Submissions are the only way to get it done. I don’t even bother to go for pins any more. Submission or KO if the option exists in that match.


  2. AI kicks out at 2 for me but i do agree for a great game that it is i hate that there still all these little glitches like im playing now, just had a championship scramble & could pin what so ever, the game wouldnt allow me to go for a pinfall but the bots could


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