Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

Since tablets were first introduced, I always said that I wouldn’t get one. I have a laptop that isn’t overly big, and really I just didn’t see the point in a tablet. And I certainly didn’t have a need for one. None of that has really changed, but low and behold I did succumb to the needless purchase of a tablet a little over a week ago. I blame it on the Wii U GamePad.

After weighing my options (I wanted a small and relatively inexpensive one, but also a name in the industry), I came down to two choices: Kindle Fire HD and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I went with the Samsung because it can do everything the Kindle Fire HD can do and is priced the same at $199.99 (I like Amazon a lot, so I did buy from Amazon; of course being tax free did play a role in that).

As a gamer, I’ve long thought these casual touch games were nonsense and that if I wanted to play a game I would do so on a console or on my PC. I’ve since changed my tune on this. This tablet is a great for gaming. I’ll definitely be spotlighting many Android games in future QDR’s, but I’ve really been enjoying free games like Six Guns (Gameloft’s open world Western inspired by Red Dead Redemption), Tap Tap Revenge 4, Temple Run, Wrestling Revolution, Fruit Ninja, Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, Cut The Rope, Babylonian Twins, City Story, Minecraft Pocket Edition (demo only so far), and Jetpack Joyride (which was recently released on PSN and it is actually on my PS3 that I played the free game first). I have Angry Birds Star Wars too, but I’m just not a big fan of the birds. Of course there are plenty of pay games that I’m interested in, but so far I’ve been kept busy with the great free games.

Outside of games, it’s a great media player and e-reader (I’m using it for Kindle Books and Google’s book). You can watch movies on it, but I don’t care to do that. I prefer a bigger screen for movies. It’s great for Internet browsing too, and I don’t have a problem with the default browser (what it is called), but you can also install other browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Opera, and Dolphin (to name a few).

There are a lot of Android apps available (not as many as available for iOS devices, sadly) both free and paid. I haven’t bothered with any of the paid ones yet but there are a few that I have my eyes on.

The tablet is sporting both a rear and front facing camera as well; it’s good for both pictures and videos. It’s not the best camera in the world, but considering that no one is buying a seven inch tablet to primarily use as a camera it’s good enough.

I still believe that this isn’t something I needed, or indeed something that most people would need. But it’s definitely a cool little thing to have. I couldn’t imagine getting a larger one as the seven inch is plenty big enough. This model, and mine is Wi-Fi, has 8GB of storage, which is really more like 4.5GB’s considering how much the operating system takes up (and it’s running Android 4.1.1, which is Jelly Bean; and I’m pretty sure it just auto-updated to today).

Overall, considering I didn’t need it, I’m quite happy with this $200 purchase and feel it’s definitely worth that price. If you’re in the market for a tablet, this is one that I highly recommend. I haven’t had any issues with it; it has worked perfectly for me so far with a great Wi-Fi signal and no crashes. For the price, I don’t think it can be beat.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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4 Comments on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Review

  1. Nice that your enjoying your spontaneous purchase. A game that I feel every mobile gamer needs to have in their collection is Kairosofts Game Dev Story. Its old, but still one of the best, and its easy to find yourself wasting hours playing as its super addictive.


    • You know, immediately after reading this comment on the 12th I went to the Google Play store and installed Game Dev Story Lite since it was free. You can only play until the 4th year, but it was so addictive that I purchased the full version ($2.50 from Amazon) and have sunk many hours into it since then.

      Thank you for bringing this wonderful game to my attention; it has proven hard to put down!


  2. Sounds like a great tablet. My girlfriend was in the market for one last month and I tried to persuade her to get an Android device. She opted for an iPad, unfortunately. Never really got the appeal of Apple’s products myself.


    • It is a great tablet. I couldn’t be happier with it, especially since I’ve gotten Game Dev Story for it. Definitely sucks that your girlfriend went with an iPad. I’m with ya, I’ve never gotten the appeal of Apple products either (and I’m happy not to own one of their products).


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