Rishi Organic Green Tea – Jasmine Pearl Review

Rishi Organic Green Tea Jasmine Pearl Review

Here is a little known fact about me: I am a tea fan; I love the stuff. Being from Alabama, I grew up on sweet ice tea (black). Outside of the South, a lot people don’t like cold tea or sweet tea. Sweet iced tea is fantastic, but I have been cutting back on my consumption of it for a while (I’ll never cut it out completely though).

I began drinking other types of tea a few years ago. A quick favorite quickly became Bigelow Green Tea, bagged of course. That’s good tea, and maybe at some point during this series I’ll review it too. Eventually though I wanted something different, and more importantly I wanted the real thing. I don’t have a problem with crushed up tea that comes in the bags, but I quickly found that loose leaf tea is so much better.

I bought me a glass kettle and a teapot (the great “igenuiTEA pot” from Amazon) and some loose leaf green tea that I had never tried before: rishi tea’s Organic Green Tea Jasmine Pearl.

This is the first organic tea I bought, and I also my first experience with “jasmine pearl.” This is loose leaf green tea from Fujian, China. As the back of the container says, it is free of perfumes and added flavor, and “green tea leaves and silvery, spring-harvested jasmine buds are hand rolled into small pearls by Fujian tea artisans.” It goes on to say “the tea pearls are mixed several times with fragrant jasmine blossoms until the pearls become infused with jasmine’s sweet flavor and enchanting aroma.”

The tea pearls come in a 2.99oz container, and as you would expect organic loose leaf tea that is hand rolled from China isn’t exactly cheap. I bought a two pack of these containers (so 5.98oz) from Amazon and it cost me $29.11, which as far as I’m concerned is expensive for tea. But ultimately it is worth it, as it is very good tea. It took a while to get used to the jasmine flavor, and while I admit that the next purchase I make will probably just be green tea by itself, but it once I did I found that I really liked it a good bit.

The instructions for brewing this tea are simple: 1tbsp per 8oz of water, the water boiled to 180°F, and the tea steeped for three to four minutes. I usually let mine steep for three, but obviously there’s no rule so experiment and go with what works best for you. One serving of these pearls is also be steeped three times, so you can stretch the value of it overtime if you so choose (I pretty much stick to once, maybe twice occasionally).

I also drink this tea straight. I don’t put any sugar or honey, or any type of sweetener in it, and I drink it hot. You can certainly drink this cold and/or with sugar or another type of sweetener if you so choose, but I think this tea is at its best when freshly brewed and with nothing added to it.

If you’ve never tried organic tea before do so. Yes organic anything cost more, but there is a good reason for that which is spelled out on the container: “organic farms do not use synthetic chemicals or introduce genetically-modified organisms to the land, protecting soil fertility and enhancing the purity of the water supply.” I can’t speak for everyone, but I think the less stuff we consume that is laced with chemicals the better we’ll be.

Rishi Organic Green Tea Jasmine Pearl gets a four out of five: GREAT.

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2 Comments on Rishi Organic Green Tea – Jasmine Pearl Review

  1. Cool to see a tea review. I’m more of a coffee guy, but I can appreciate a good cup of tea. Haven’t tried this one but I’ll keep an eye out for it.


  2. Green teas are the best in day time, while in the evening you can better go for a caffeine free flower tea.


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