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We recently had the honor of receiving this “One Lovely Blog” award from the wonderful blogger Sam Leung at Cheeese Toastie and Video Games where she blogs about video games of course. If you don’t already read and follow her blog then you definitely should. Sam is a talented writer and has some fun video content as well, and she’s recently been interning at GameSpot UK. Check her stuff out! Thank you for the award nomination Sam!

There’s a couple of steps to accepting this award. The first step is to include this One Lovely Blog award image in the post, so here it is.
Next is to thank the person who nominated you, which I did above (thanks again Sam!). Now I just have to have write seven things about me and nominate/inform seven other bloggers which is difficult since there are so many great ones out there deserving of the award.

Anyway, on to the seven things about me.

1.) I live in Alabama, not far from Auburn but I absolutely hate the Auburn Tigers. College football is my favorite sport, and I will only root for Auburn if they play a team outside of the SEC (or if they play in the SEC Championship game and the East team doesn’t have a chance to play for a national championship). I have two teams that I root for: Alabama (West) and Florida (East). When the two play each other, I’ll root for whichever has the better chance to play for a national championship. Roll Tide! Go Gators!

2.) Politically, I am a Libertarian (some might say an anarcho-capitalist, and I wouldn’t argue against it). I’m not a fan of big government and believe people should be free to do whatever they want to do so long as they do not harm another person or the property of another person. I also wish US money was based on gold and silver, not worthless paper.

3.) I am proudly “straight edge;” I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t do any drugs (outside of occasionally a tylenol for a headache), and I don’t smoke anything. If you see me drinking anything it’s either water, Sprite, or some kind of tea (being from Alabama I love sweet iced tea, but I’m also a big fan of hot unsweetened green and white tea).

4.) I have no problems with spiders or snakes, things that you can actually hurt you (some species anyway), but I hate roaches which are pretty much harmless. They are the only creature I would make extinct if I could.

5.) I also don’t like high places. I wouldn’t say I am afraid of heights, but I prefer to be on the ground or at least far away from any high edges. I’m perfectly fine with tight closed spaces, but I just don’t do heights.

6.) I have three cats and no dogs. I don’t particularly care for dogs, I’m very much a cat person. Cats are quite, usually.

7.) My favorite television show of all time is Stargate SG-1, and both Atlantis and Universe are up there as well. I’ve never cared for Star Trek, so as far as I’m concerned Stargate is THE sci-fi franchise. Curse SyFy and MGM for leaving us with no Stargate program for years now. Seriously, we need new Stargate on TV.

And now to pass on the award to seven deserving bloggers.

The Warning Sign – Excellent site focused on reviews of movies and video games, and even beer reviews. Been following since 2011 and it’s easily one of my favorite blogs on the net. Eric does a fantastic job with it.

Pixel Hearts – Video game blog (and soon to be vlog too) from the super talented Katy. She attended E3 this year and put up some entertaining and insightful posts about her experience. Check her blog out and give her a follow.

Tanner Reviews – Another excellent blog that focuses on reviewing movies and video games. Tanner is a great writer and his reviews are amongst the most entertaining around, so check him out.

Robo♥Beat – Here’s a blog about science fiction, fantasy, and video games. It also happens to be one of my favorite blogs on the net and one that you should definitely be following if you aren’t already doing so. Ashley’s posts are always wonderful and entertaining.

Counter Attack – Video game blog with a focus on news and reviews, also has a very entertaining podcast that you should be listening too. They give away games every week too. Excellent site.

Electrosports – This is a growing blog covering video games, technology, and sports. Kevin has done a great job with the site and I’ve enjoyed watching it evolve over the past several months. Great site to get the latest news.

Tim’s Film Reviews – As the title implies, this blog is focused on providing movie reviews (but also box office results and predictions, and stuff like that). Tim has a unique review style that has made his reviews favorites of mine, and I generally find that I agree with his analysis on movies. Give him a read and a follow.

Now all that is left is to go out and inform the seven talented bloggers above of their nomination. Thank you once again to Cheeese Toastie for the award, it’s much appreciated!

About Gary Smith (1035 Articles)
I'm Gary Smith, aka "PatriotPaine." I'm the Editor-in-Chief of I'm usually posting news and reviews, and doing all the back end stuff as well. I like to play games, watch movies, wrestling, and college football (Roll Tide Roll).

11 Comments on One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! It is always good to see that people are enjoying my blog.


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Congrats! It’s well-deserved, this is one of my favorite sites. And thank you so much for the nod! =)

    Now I really really need to watch Stargate…


    • Thanks and you’re welcome! And yes, go watch Stargate. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch every episode (from all seasons of all three programs) for free.


  4. Thanks Gary, and congratulations on winning yourself :D


  5. Thanks for the award, man! I’m not a fan of heights either. :D


  6. Thanks so much Gary! Sorry I am just getting to this, but I really appreciate it. Congrats on your award. :)


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