Platinumed: Saints Row IV

Saints Row 4

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write a Platinumed column. Last time was in May when I finally got around to getting the platinum in Assassin’s Creed III. I had hoped to have the platinum for both BioShock Infinite and The Last of Us by now, but unfortunately I haven’t played either in a while do to having to play other games (mostly for review). Fortunately one of those games is absolutely amazing and thus I was able to get a new platinum trophy today; Kingpin in Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV hits stores on Tuesday, August 20th. My review, and the majority of other sites who received a review copy, went live this morning. I despise Metacritic, but the game currently sits at a score of 83 on that review aggregator. That is technically a great score, but it seems low. Personally, I gave the game our full four stars because of just how much fun it is. I’m not usually a trophy hunter, unless I really love the game, so you know that I adore Saints Row IV since invested the time to get the platinum.

The game itself took 25 hours to complete; that is main mission and all side missions. My total playtime to get the platinum ended up being 45 hours, which is roughly how long it took me to get the platinum in Assassin’s Creed III. It’s going to take everybody at least 40 hours to get the platinum, for the simple reason that one of the trophies (a gold one) requires you to play the game for 40 hours. It isn’t overly hard to get, in fact it’s kind of easy all except for one trophy.

The game has over 1600 collectibles to find. The overwhelming majority of these are “data clusters,” which are shining blue orbs used for upgrading your super powers. You’ll see these from far off all over the place. There’s a ton of them, but they aren’t hard to find. You may have a problem when you get down to just a handful of them (Steelport is a big place after all), but luckily you’ll have acquired the “Collectible Finder” ability before then which will have them show up on your map. The rest of the collectibles are Zinyack statues (36 of them to be destroyed), audio logs, and text adventures (only eight of these).

The majority of the trophies will be unlocked by simply completing missions, and to make things easier for yourself you should complete all side missions before completing the main mission. If you don’t, then getting the platinum will require two playthroughs. Granted the game is worth playing through multiple times, but still just go ahead and get that out of the way the first time through.

Saints Row 4 Screenshot 01

There are trophies for using your super powers to kill a certain number of enemies, and one for killing 1000 aliens using any combination of powers. These aren’t hard, and if you don’t get them during the course of the campaign, they can easily be mopped up afterwards (best place is the “hard” version of the Super Powered Fight Club activity).

The hardest trophy in the game is sadly only a silver trophy, and it requires you to complete all 66 challenges in the game. Most of the challenges are easy, and there’s a lot of “kill x amount of enemies with this weapon.” The most challenging, and/or time consuming, of these challenges is the one for traveling in an alien vehicle for 2,500,000 feet (not hard, just very time consuming) and getting the gold medal in every activity (excluding co-op; game never has to be online to earn the platinum).

Most of the activities are easy to get gold on, even if listed as “hard.” Some of them are quite challenging to even get silver on, and some seem almost impossible to get gold on until you actually luck into doing it. These can be frustrating too. For me, none was more frustrating than the hard version of “Mind over Murder,” which is where you have to use telekinesis to throw people, cars, and Genki heads through their respective hoops. There are six areas to complete in this round and you have to do it in three minutes and thirty seconds or less. This seemed impossible to me, then I completed it in three minutes and thirty-one seconds and was extremely frustrated but knew it could be done. I retried it and completed it with six seconds left.

The good news is that Saints Row IV is so much fun that it only ever feels like a chore to get the trophy one time (which is better than most games). That chore comes from the challenge of traveling 2,500,000 feet in the alien vehicle. I did this after completing the game and never used anything other than sprint, jump, and glide because it was so much faster than driving a car or flying around in an UFO. Let me tell ya, it takes quite a while to travel 2,500,000 feet. I cheated here; I hopped into a UFO and then propped something up against my controller so that it would fly upwards in a circle, and then left the room. A few hours of that 45 hour gameplay is simply letting this happen, so you can see that it’s time consuming. If I had any problem with the game, it would be that that challenge simply isn’t fun.

This is my 12th platinum trophy, and my fifth one this year. Outside of the time spent letting the UFO fly around on “autopilot,” I enjoyed every second of that 45 hours spent playing Saints Row IV and acquiring the platinum trophy. If you have not yet done so, go read my full review of the game here. Saints Row IV is easily one of the best open world/sandbox games to date, and I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s one of the best games of the year thus far and is easily worth your $60. You can still pre-order it from Amazon and get the Commander-in-Chief edition by clicking here.

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3 Comments on Platinumed: Saints Row IV

  1. Impressive! I’m still trying to figure out what game I should make my first Platinum. I just finished Lego Batman 2 for Vita, and that seems like it would be an easy one to 100%. At the same time, I feel I should pick something with more substance than a mediocre Lego game…


    • Get the one for InFamous. It’s not overly hard but is a challenge (completing all the stunts and finding all the blast shards). Or Spec Ops: The Link. It took me only three days to get that one, and the hardest thing about it is beating the game on FUBAR.


      • Infamous is tempting, but finding all of the blast shards seems like it would get old fast. I don’t think I found even 30% of them in my playthrough, so I would have a lot of searching to do.

        Spec Ops on the other hand… well, I was looking for a reason to play through that again. Good idea. :D


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