Quick Beyond: Two Souls Demo Impressions

Beyond Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls, the latest from Quantic Dreams, hits store shelves on October 8th, but the demo drops this Tuesday (October 1st). GameStop was giving away PSN vouchers to download the demo a week early over on Facebook so I snagged one of those and ended up playing  through the demo last night.

I never played Heavy Rain, outside of the demo. I didn’t care for the Heavy Rain demo at all. After playing this demo, I’m pretty sure that if you like Heavy Rain you’ll like this. Having said that, I actually enjoyed it (i.e. this style of game) this time. For the most part.

There are two sections to the demo. The first one is called “The Experiment,” and it’s where you control a young Jodie. This part is pretty quick and does a good job of teaching you how to use Aiden. The final few minutes of this level is great too.

The second section is called “The Hunted.” It begins with you learning how to fight in a training exercise. You have to move the control sticks in a certain way depending on which direction Jodie is moving in when the game goes into slow motion. I’ll admit that I found the camera work here to be pretty bad and thus it took me a little while before I was finally able to advance past it.

From there, you’re on a train trying to escape cops, running through the woods, driving a motorcycle, and keeping the cops at bay as Aiden.

It’s during those sections where the game really comes together. The game simply looks amazing and cinematic, and there’s actually a lot to do. Outside of moving the character, yeah it’s mostly quick time events but there are a lot of them. Interactive movie seems about right. Again, like Heavy Rain, but this one I even found compelling and the story looks like it’s going to be quite interesting.

There was the one part in the end where you’re Aiden having to keep the cops off of Jodie and I was completely lost. I attacked everything I was a allowed too, and she kept saying “they’re going to get in, do something.” Never have NPC characters stated something that completely mirrored my thoughts as a couple of the cops did during this sequence: I heard a cop say “what the hell is going on?” and “what the fuck am I doing here?” My thoughts exactly. I’ll have to play through it again to see if I can find what I was missing.

All in all, it’s a good demo and the game seems interesting and like it’ll be fun in relatively short bursts. I don’t think it’s the type of game I could play all day like a GTAV, but for an hour here and an hour there, it seems like it’ll be a blast. It’s not something  I’ll pick up at launch, but it is definitely a game that I am now much more interested in playing in the future. In the meantime, it has me wanting to pick up Heavy Rain since it’s cheap now and actually give it a shot.

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