Demoed! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Impressions

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

The latest LEGO game hit stores yesterday for basically every platform available (and it’s coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well). My first actually experience with a LEGO game came earlier this year with the Wii U exclusive LEGO City Undercover. I greatly enjoyed that game and have been looking forward to this Marvel themed one ever since. Unfortunately I’m going to have to wait until I buy the game, but I did take the game’s demo for a spin on PS3 last night.

When I do finally get this game, I plan on doing so for Wii U. But for some reason there isn’t a Wii U demo available. I thought LEGO City controlled wonderfully on the GamePad and was looking forward to controlling the Marvel characters in similar fashion. Guess I’ll have to wait longer.

The demo isn’t very long, but it does provide a good small taste of what you can expect from the game. You control Hulk, Iron Man, and Spider Man as the trio battle Abomination and Sandman. The full game has an open world to run around and over 150 characters to play as, but for the purposes of the demo we’re limited to these three and it’s extremely linear.

Hulk has the ability to smash through stuff and throw large objects, as well as transform into small Bruce Banner at will to get to areas the large Hulk simply can’t get to. For some reason, and I would have never expected this, Hulk actually ended up being my favorite character to control during the demo. I used Hulk the entire time, switching only when I had to and then switching back to him. He is incredibly fun to play as… as you would expect Hulk to be.

Iron Man has his strengths too. He has ranged attacks, the ability to blast items, and of course the ability to fly around. In the demo, there are several instances where you’re going to have to play as Iron Man because only he has the ability to interact with lego bricks of a certain color.

Spider Man swings into action after the Avenger duo take down Abomination and begin the fight with Sandman. Spider Man has the ability to shoot webs at enemies, swing around the environment (itself quite fun), and use his Spidey sense to reveal stuff in the game world. You’ll have to use the webslinger to bring down certain items in the world.

The demo doesn’t give away much of anything regarding the story of the game, but there is enough here to show that great care is being taken in regards to the Marvel universe while also maintaining the humor of the LEGO series. It’s a safe bet that anytime there is a cutscene, there’s probably going to be something said or done that is you going to make you laugh.

If you’ve never played a LEGO game before, I highly recommend you download the demo for either PS3, Xbox 360, or PC. I’ve enjoyed the demo and will play through more times just to see if I can get a higher score (even though it doesn’t keep up with it in the demo) and try to get the collectibles scattered around. Besides, just smashing stuff, flying around, and web swinging itself is a ton of fun. I wish there was a more open area to explore and have fun with, but I guess that is what the full game is for.

The demo has further sold me on it though, and I’ll definitely be getting LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sometime. It’ll probably be for Wii U (just because I liked the controls of LEGO City and I don’t give my Wii U enough love), but if I have to wait too long for it I may just get it for PS4. I’ve seen enough to know the game is going to be a blast though.

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