Why I’m Postponing Purchasing A Next Gen Console

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The next generation of video game consoles is just a couple of weeks away now, and many are just terribly excited about it. And why wouldn’t you be, if you’re a console gamer anyway? New hardware that is capable of better graphics and more things on screen, new features, and all sorts of things that supposedly will make gaming better.

So, why am I giving the next gen a launch day pass?

Truth be told, I was initially quite excited about the release of the PS4. I ripped the Xbox One to shreds of course, but then they went and did their 180 and that apparently made everything better. But now, just a week and a half away from the release of PS4, I have canceled my pre-order.

I had pre-ordered the PS4 right after E3 when it was made available on Amazon. I had the “Launch Edition,” the one Amazon guaranteed for release day delivery. I was excited; I was ready. Now I’ve canceled and I’m generally “meh” at this point.

Now I wouldn’t have went with the Xbox One regardless. I wasn’t a fan of Microsoft’s policies and their reversal of those didn’t sway me to them either. Beyond that, as I am not made of money, I see the $100 cheaper PS4 as the better purchase. The recent revelations of games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 running at 720p while the PS4 versions run at 1080p and 900p respectively certainly doesn’t help Microsoft’s console. Why pay more for something that is technically inferior, no matter how much Microsoft overhypes and inflates the magical powers of the “cloud” or throws money at third party games to get exclusives?

But why cancel my PS4 pre-order? After all, at $399 the PS4 is a great deal. It’s capable of running games like Call of Duty natively in 1080p, it has the better specs, and having done most of my gaming this generation on a PS3 I know that Sony has a ton of first party studios working on games that even unannounced have high expectations from me.

I canceled my PS4 pre-order for the simple reason that there is nothing available at launch that I need or must play. I’m sure Killzone: Shadow Fall will be a lot of fun, but it’s not a must play for me. At least not day one.

Besides that, $400 and $500 is a pretty good bit of money. Do I need something that is going to sit on my shelf for who knows how long before games that I want start appearing for it? No, I don’t. And I know that because I made that mistake a year ago, when I went out and purchased a Wii U on its launch date.

Buying game consoles on launch is a waste, to me personally, and I’m glad I was able to get my initial excitement out of the way this year so that that I could cancel my pre-order. I wish I could go back to last November and not have purchased the Wii U on its launch day (and don’t get me wrong, I think the Wii U is a great system with a ton of potential… hell, it has the best holiday line up of any console this year).

Buying a console when it launches carries with it a certain risk that I’m just not willing to take with the new consoles. I’d rather wait and see how things go. Will we have another RRoD fiasco? Will a high number of these new systems become bricks? I don’t know, and I certainly hope not, but that unknown coupled with a lack of games is reason enough for me to back away.

I don’t need the new systems; I’m not done with the current gen yet. There are still games I am enjoying playing on my PS3, hell even the Wii/U, and there are still a ton of games that I still haven’t even gotten that I want to play. And at $20 and under, I can buy a lot more of those games than I can next gen games at $60.

Will I get a next gen console at some point? Sure, I plan on probably picking up a PS4 next year. Xbox One will have to wait longer because it cost more and the early releases of information have only confirmed that the PS4 is more powerful. That does matter; I’m not a fan of paying more for less. Although I’m sure I’ll get an Xbox One at some point too, after all, I’d like to have all platforms as an option because I enjoy gaming and each has their exclusives.

I’m not in a hurry though. I don’t feel like I’m going to be missing out because I’m not getting either one of them this month, or this year. I’d like to be able to live stream games (I don’t have capture cards and none of that stuff would work with my Chromebook anyway), and upload gameplay videos and screenshots to share here on the site. Waiting affords me the opportunity to see how the systems perform in non-monitored/staged environments, whether or not their are widespread problems with the systems, and of course gives the game library time to grow.

If you are getting either or both of the next gen systems, let us know in the comments why and what made you go with one over the other. Also if you are, I wish you the best with your soon to be new console and hope you have no problems with it and don’t have to replace it. And if you’re like me and you’re putting the next gen on the back burner, let us know why in the comments below.

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3 Comments on Why I’m Postponing Purchasing A Next Gen Console

  1. I’m in the same boat even more than you and chances are I’m going to cancel. As a PC gamer primarily, I’m already well covered on any of those third party titles. Knack and Killzone look good but I’m not “dying” to play those games.

    Truth be told, it’s a timing and cash flow issue for me. My gaming plate is already super full as is… it’s nothing against the PS4. Chances are when I see games like the new Infamous and The Order and other titles like that show up is when I’ll bite.


  2. As enticing as a siren’s call as the newer generation of consoles sound, I am pretty much done. Plus for $400 to $500 this era is charging for a toy, I think I would rather invest my money into building up my recording studio and other business venture/plans.

    I tend to refer to the marketing every time a new series of consoles that come out as “Game Slave 2 Syndrome”.

    I won’t lie though, there are some things that I am interested in like the Vita TV (whether or not it comes to America), the Ouya (provided they have gotten things worked out properly), and some others (whether I actually buy one is another story). The Steam Box and Alienware X51 is starting to sound pretty ridiculous in price for either machine.


  3. I canceled my PS4 preorder for many of the same reasons. I just have too many games to play right now, and there is no urgent need for me to get a new system.


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