Rainbow Moon Now Available on PS Vita

Rainbow Moon

Good news Vita owners; eastasiasoft’s Rainbow Moon is now available on PS Vita for $14.99. The game released last year for PS3 as a downloadable title on PSN and I really enjoyed it (you can read my original review here.) I don’t have a Vita myself, but this is exactly the type of game that I would want to play on the system if I had one. It’s great on PS3, and I think it should be just as good if not better on the Vita.

If you’re a PS3 player of the game, you can snag the Vita version at 50% off and if you’re a PS+ member you can get an additional 20% off. If you haven’t gotten the game on PS3 yet and would like to have it on both versions, you can purchase a Cross-Save bundle for $22.49.

It should be noted that the PS3 version recently received a patch to v2.0; here’s a list of improvements/features added in the patch. I have to assume these are all in the PS Vita version.

New Features:

• Cross-Save functionality added. Saved data can be exchanged between Rainbow Moon on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.
• “Use” function added to reward dialogue. It is now possible to use certain items, such as health and food items when picking up a loot bag or opening a treasure chest. This is especially useful during battle if the player’s inventory is full.
• The victory screen can be skipped by pressing the cancel button.

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• When talking to the savant, it is now also possible to increase players’ attributes by single units.
• A confirmation dialogue has been added during the crafting process for when skills/conditions are about to be overwritten.
• Walking on the battle field using the analog stick has been improved so characters do not walk in unintended directions.
• After entering a character name, the name can be reviewed and adjusted.
• The battle menu selection is no longer changed by mistake when directional buttons are not released at the end of a sub turn.
• Controller input for walking in exploration mode is smoothed now. This reduces the number of unnecessary direction changes which results in improved character display.

Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a freeze/endless loop when the last monster killed all remaining party members and itself with a suicidal blow attack.
• Missing affinity bonus when Serena attacked an enemy with weapon type sword.
• Zelorus didn’t attack in the first story battle.
• Thief Citadelle map updated. Under rare circumstances it was possible that the player locks himself in the dungeon.
• If the player opened the auto map in the Thief Citadelle dungeon before finding a map item, the menu become inoperable.
• Equipment stats were not updated correctly when un-equipping gear with an embedded passive skill.
• When adding a new condition to an equipped item for the first time via crafting, the corresponding tutorial and condition display in the status menu were not being unlocked.
• World map contained an island, which was accessible via a non-blocked field. After opening a treasure chest, the player got stuck on the island.
• When using the camp fire and quickly aborting, it was possible to walk around the map as a tent for a short period of time.
• Game stats were wrongly updated when a character died. (increased by 2 instead of 1)
• Under rare circumstances certain enemy units didn’t continue to move on the battle field.
• Bound enemies could flee.
• Various minor text updates.
• Various minor bug fixes.