Review: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Host: Jerry Seinfeld
Format:  Talk/Interview
Website: (also available on
Runtime: 11-18 minutes per episode
Official Score: 4 Stars

I think Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” might be my favorite web series ever. I haven’t seen that many web series, and I think people who don’t really -love- comedy might be a little bit bored (after all, the show is exactly what the title says it is– a couple of comics on a car ride and then getting a cup of coffee together) by it, but I absolutely love it.

Like, for one episode, he gets coffee with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Over the coffee, it comes up that Mel Brooks goes over to Carl Reiner’s house just about every night for dinner and bullshit, and has for about the last 40 or 50 years, and does Jerry want to come over that night. And so that episode is just him hanging out with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks for an entire day cut down to 18 minutes. Which for some might be painfully uninteresting, and I get that.

But, for me, hearing Mel Brooks tell a story about how he talked a friend of his who was a dentist into writing an episode of iGet Smarti just to see how the friend likes comedy writing and then later forcing that same friend to write Blazing Saddles with him later, because “You owe me!” is just unbelievable.

And then to hear Carl Reiner say “I saw Alan King one time– he did two-and-a-half-hours of the most wonderful material about his brother and his family…” only for Jerry to cut him off saying, “I met you once at an Alan King show! I snuck backstage and got his autograph and your autograph and I still have it!” And then for Reiner to fire back with “That was the time! I only ever saw Alan King once in my life…” Just an incredible 18 minutes for me.

I feel like I half to back up just a little bit here to explain the significance of Alan King for those who don’t know.

Alan King was an unbelievable comedian and I think he was the first comedian ever inducted into the New York City Friars’ Club. He’s the guy who first started the Friars’ Club Roasts many years ago. So anybody whose been a fan of those, or even of the Comedy Central Roasts that they’ve been doing on their own for the last few years… Alan King did that, on top of about a million other things that changed standup from all standup being like a late-night talk show monologue in terms of style and delivery, into what it is now with guys like Louis CK.

So yeah.

While it’s probably at least a little bit boring to at least a few people, I take almost immeasurable pleasure in watching Sarah Silverman give Jerry Seinfeld shit about how much of a tip he left at an L.A. coffee shop.

4 out of 4

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2 Comments on Review: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

  1. I don’t follow the comedy scene like I used to growing up. (Around my mid teens I became fairly obsessed with Carlin, Pryor, etc…) but in the many intervening years since then I’ve just been caught up in other things, but this looks like something that I would definitely give a chance to.


    • "The Current Big Thing" Bryan Micklus // January 16, 2014 at 4:22 PM // Reply

      Oh, if you have any lingering love for comedy, you’ll get lost in this show real quick. They’re long enough to be worthwhile, and short enough that you can watch all the episodes– including the new one that dropped today at noon– over the course of only a couple of hours on your day off if you felt like it. The best descriptor I can possibly come up with is that each episode is kind of like a little 15-minute cutout from the Talking Funny HBO documentary (which, if you haven’t seen it, you should also check out if you’re a comedy fan).


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