TUF 18 Winner Julianna Pena Has Successful Knee Surgery


Julianna Pena had successful knee surgery and begins her long road to recovery.  Pena who became the first ever female winner of The Ultimate Fighter was expected to compete at UFC 171 prior to an injury during training.  The injury saw Pena tear her ACL, MCL, LCL, as well as tears to her hamstring and meniscus.  She is expected to be out for up to 2 years as she recovers.  The injury was described by her trainer as a freak occurrence that happened when sparring.  Regarding the surgery and road to recovery Pena had the following to say:

“Surgery was a success! I was freaking out the whole time thinking I wasn’t going to wake up for provoking death so much, but I’m alive!  Dana put me in the best hands for surgery; they’re confident I will make a full recovery in due time.  I would to send out a huge thank you to Dana White and the UFC for making this successful surgery a possibility.  And THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me prayers and well wishes. Your guys support is so meaningful and beautiful to me. No kidding it’s the reason why I keep moving forward [with] my fighting career.”

Certainly wish her the best of luck in her recovery and look forward to seeing her return to the Octagon

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2 Comments on TUF 18 Winner Julianna Pena Has Successful Knee Surgery

  1. Current Big Thing // February 8, 2014 at 8:49 AM // Reply

    How do you even do all of that at once? I’ve never even heard of anything that catastrophic in football. I mean, there have been a few times where someone’s entire knee was blown out, but I’ve never heard of a hamstring tear along with it at the same time. Here’s hoping she does eventually get her shot.


  2. I know of it happening in basketball before but it’s certainly a freak thing. My understanding is she was training and she had somebody take her back while standing but when she went to switch positions she lost her footing and completely destroyed her knee.


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