Universal Releases Trailer for Purge Sequel

The Purge Anarchy

The Purge: Anarchy is expected to release June 20th 2014 and is the sequel to the surprise hit starring Ethan Hawke. While the film was mostly panned by critics it exceeded expectations and had no trouble in making its production budget back and then some.

The Purge tells the story of a future America in which crime and poverty rates are down thanks in part to the annual “Purge” in which all crime becomes legal for a 12 hour period.

The sequel follows a young couple whose car breaks down leaving them stranded on the streets as the Purge is set to being.

While the first one seemed like a decent enough film that would be a solid way to pass time on a weekend night, this one just feels “cheap” to me.

I’ll reserve full judgement as more about the film comes out but for now it comes off as a very low budget straight to video release rather than a theatrical film.

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1 Comment on Universal Releases Trailer for Purge Sequel

  1. I was let down by the first movie. The idea of the Purge was such a great hook, I was hoping for more of a badass “Escape from NY” night of chaos type film showing mobs running wild all over some city/the entire country, instead it was more of a low key trapped in a house horror movie. I want this one to correct that and just be the sprawling guilty pleasure the first one wasn’t.

    If it turns into “Trapped in the house by teenage hooligans 2” I’m out….


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