Harold Ramis Passes Away at Age 69

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Harold Ramis

Actor/Writer/Director Harold Ramis died Monday morning at the age of 69.

Ramis is best known for writing and starring in Stripes as well as the Ghostbuster movies.  Ramis also helped write several comedies of the past 30 years and most recently had been attached to a possible Ghostbusters sequel.

We here at TVE would like to extend our condolences to the Ramis family. Rest in peace.

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8 Comments on Harold Ramis Passes Away at Age 69

  1. Hell of a talent. Lots of great memories thanks to him. RIP.


  2. It really is crazy how many awesome movies he had a hand in. Very underrated at times.


  3. Oh yeah, damn good comedic actor and great writer. Never got the props he deserved but he was just as important and talented an actor as Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, John Belushi etc… He will be sorely missed.


  4. If you talk to the right people, they’ll tell you of the genius that was Harold Ramis. Just an absurdly funny guy who made the people around him funnier, even when those guys were Bill Murray or John Belushi. Everybody knows about Stripes and Caddyshack, but folks forget the Analyze This movies were him too. As was Groundhog Day. It’s a scary-long list, and his influence is far reaching even now. It wasn’t by accident that Apatow asked him if he’d pop in as Rogen’s father for that one scene in Knocked Up. That was a guy who finally got to work with one of his heroes.

    He’ll be celebrated in a big way by television comedy shows.

    As he should be.


  5. I totally saved a copy of that picture. Thanks for sharing, Jules.


  6. Just picked up the double special edition of Ghostbusters 1 and 2 at Walmart the other night. I swear I used to own that a long time ago. Must have just worn it out… Hopefully they do something classy for Ramis at the Oscars. His death actually hit me the hardest of the recent big celeb deaths both because of the personal impact of his work and the cruel tragedy of it all since he did not die from needless stupidity (driving too fast, drugs etc…) like certain others did. Not to be heartless about it, but I am a bit more sympathetic to those who don’t seemingly willfully court death.


  7. It hit me harder than the others this year too. But Ramis had a much bigger impact on my life than I’m pretty sure any of the others. It always gives me pause when either a comedian or a wrestler dies, and both seem to have shorter than normal life expectancies.


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