Vitor Belfort Removes Self From UFC 173 Title Fight


Following the NSAC’s decision to ban TRT Vitor Belfort has removed himself from his upcoming title fight with Middleweight champion Chris Weidman that was slated to take place in the state.  Belfort issued a statement late Thursday night stating the following:

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission recently altered its policy and no longer will permit testosterone use exemptions, and will not permit a TRT program.  As other jurisdictions may follow suit, I am going to drop my TRT program and compete in MMA without it.

Given the time constraints involved between now and my proposed next bout in May, I have determined not to apply for a license to fight in Nevada at this time.”

Taking Belfort’s place on the UFC 173 card will be Lyoto Machida who will look to join a small select class of fighters able to capture titles in two weight classes.  UFC 173 is currently scheduled to take place May 24th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

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2 Comments on Vitor Belfort Removes Self From UFC 173 Title Fight

  1. Not enough time to train without cheating?


  2. To be fair he was taking an at the time approved prescription which apparently takes some time to fully cycle out of your system. What makes the whole thing weird though is Belfort is saying he didn’t remove himself nor release the statement though the UFC is saying otherwise. Regardless it is believed the Belfort will face the winner of Weidman/Machida.


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