Johny Hendricks Misses Weight, Title Fight In Jeopardy (Updated)


An interesting story has developed at today’s UFC weigh-ins for UFC 171.  The main event was expected to feature Johny Hendricks fighting Robbie Lawler for the UFC Welterweight title.  For a title fight both competitors must hit the weight limit exactly.  Johny Hendricks on his first attempt has weighed in as 171.5 lbs meaning he has two hours to lose a pound and a half.  While far from an impossible task doing so limits Johny time he has to rehydrate his body and may potentially play a factor into his conditioning for the fight.

Per the rules of the Texas Athletic Commission if Johny can not hit the 170 lbs mark exactly within two hours then the bout remains a five round bout but Hendricks will be ineligible to win the title.   Per the Texas Athletic Commission though Lawler will be eligible to win the title.  So if Johny is unable to make weight he will fight Lawler tomorrow but even if he wins he can’t win the title.   If Lawler wins he will be the Welterweight champion.

This story will be updated once it is known whether or not Johny has been able to make weight in the allotted time.

UPDATED: Hendricks was able to make weight on his second attempt and the title fight is on as scheduled.  Should be interesting to see if the additional time to cut weight affects him.

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