Gina Carano Meeting With UFC Next Week

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While Ronda Rousey has become known as the face of Women’s MMA, Gina Carano is the one that opened the door for the mainstream.  With Carano’s fights with former ProElite being broadcast on ABC many people were introduced to the world of women’s MMA.  Due to such exposure and her exciting fights Gina Carano became a bit of a household name.  Following her 2009 loss to Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino Gina disappeared from MMA.   Though she was briefly linked to a return in June 2011 for Strikeforce the bout was eventually scrapped and never rescheduled.  Since then Gina has transitioned into a successful action film career.  Recently though rumors have been swirling that perhaps a return for Carano was on the horizon.  These rumors were shifted into high gear when Carano herself confirmed that she was meeting with Dana White and the UFC next week about a possible return.  While she expressed being very open to the idea of returning she also said it is pretty much a now or never situation.

Of course the obvious fight and very possibly the biggest possible fight right now in MMA would be Ronda Rousey vs Gina Carano.  There are a few question marks if this is the route we go.  For starters the UFC has two women’s divisions; 135 lbs which Ronda Rousey is the champion and 115 lbs which will create a champion later this year on an all female Ultimate Fighter.  115 lbs is completely out of the question as neither woman would be able to safely make that weight.  135 lbs obviously Ronda is good for but Carano has had trouble making in the past.  In fact she has only made 135 lbs. once in her fighting career and has even had issues in the past making ProElite’s 140 lbs. weight limit.  The obvious solution would be a catchweight bout.  Ronda has shown an unwillingness to fight at a catchweight in the past but as gone on record as saying that Carano would be the only woman that she would do so for.  Doing so also gives you a little bit of protection for your champion in the case this is a “one and done” situation for Gina.  This way if Gina retires after the fight she aren’t faced with having to crown a new champion and Rousey is protected in a sense because a loss isn’t as damaging if you lose outside of your current weight class.  Plus having fought at 145 lbs. before Ronda shouldn’t have an issue.  You also avoid the possibility of promoting a title fight only to have it become a non-title fight the day of.

With Zingano’s future still up in the air, talks with Holly Holm going south quickly, and the UFC not having a great relationship with “Cyborg” this fight makes a lot of sense.  It should certainly be interesting to see how the meeting plays out but we could very well be on the verge of having the biggest fight in WMMA and a dream match become a reality sooner than later.

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