The 5 Unlikely Sequels I’d Like to See on PS4

Unlikely PS4 Sequels

If there’s one thing a vocal portion of the gaming community complains about every year it’s sequels. Even worse than sequels are yearly releases. The annual release ultimately makes sense for sporting games, but what about games like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed? Many would say no, but I don’t mind it so much because ultimately it’s good business. As long as the franchises are selling and making tons of money, you can’t really fault the publishers for pumping them out each year.

Outside of the annual releases though, a lot of gamers like to complain online about games that don’t need a sequel. A sequel, somehow, is going to ruin the first one that they apparently enjoy. I don’t really see the logic in that. I’m more of the mindset that if I enjoy something, I want more of it. This isn’t Hollywood… gaming sequels are usually better than the original. I’m frankly surprised at the amount (ultimately still small) of people I’ve seen who don’t think The Last of Us needs a sequel. Are you kidding me? We need a sequel to The Last of Us precisely because it is awesome. Why would you not want more of that?

Thankfully, a sequel to The Last of Us will more than likely happen. The many gamers who enjoyed Red Dead Redemption can look forward to the still unannounced but long rumored to be in development sequel. Borderlands fans know more Borderlands is coming. When you’re a fan of a game, it’s nice to know that a follow up is more than likely going to happen or will for sure happen. But how much does it suck to be a fan of a game and know that there is almost no possibility of a sequel? Answer: It sucks.

Below are the five sequels that are unlikely to happen, but that I would love to play on PS4 after playing and enjoying the originals on PS3.



Sequel to 2010’s PS3 exclusive MAG

When I got my PS3 on Christmas 2009 I also got quite a few games to play on it. These included InFamous, Killzone 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, BioShock, and Assassin’s Creed. It would be close to year before I got around to beating any of them outside of BioShock though, because in early January I started playing the beta for a game I had been looking forward to: MAG – Massive Action Game.

For those who don’t know, MAG was an online first person shooter exclusive to PS3 that boasted 256 player battles. I admittedly didn’t play much of the 256 player Domination mode, or the 128 player Acquisition mode. But I did play a TON of the 64 player Sabotage mode. It was by far my favorite mode. I played the beta as much as I could, which was basically right up til launch. MAG was the first game for PS3 that I bought, that I pre-ordered and began playing day one thanks to Amazon release date delivery.

MAG had good reviews and sold over a million copies. It wasn’t a mega hit, but it was successful enough. Unfortunately, the developer’s Zipper Interactive would release SOCOM 4 right as the PSN downtime due to the hack was going on, and after releasing Unit 13 for PS Vita, Sony closed down the studio. To make matters even worse for MAG fans like myself, the game no longer works. As an online only shooter, Sony pulled the plug on the servers in January of this year because it didn’t make sense to keep the servers up for a small player base after four years.

A sequel isn’t likely, but it should be. After all, first person shooters are still the most popular genre and the PS4 is doing great and has the lead and advantage over Xbox One. A sequel to MAG exclusively on PS4 could be a bigger hit than the original.

If it were to happen, I’d ideally want Sony to get as many of the Zipper Interactive guys who worked on the original as possible and pair them up with Guerrilla Cambridge (with support from Guerrilla Games).

LA Noire

New York Noire

Sequel to 2011’s mutliplatform L.A. Noire

In 2011, Rockstar Games released the Team Bondi developed L.A. Noire. An open world detective story with some impressive facial capturing and voice acting, LA Noire pleased a lot of gamers while disappointing others. For the most part, I really enjoyed it a great deal. It wasn’t until the end that the game started coming unhinged, and if you’ve played it then you know what I’m talking about.

The game’s stunning recreation of 1940’s Los Angeles provided a wonderful backdrop, but unfortunately there wasn’t much to do outside of missions in the game’s open world. The immersion of being a good cop who couldn’t take his gun out and go on a shooting rampage was completely broken the moment a player got in a car and began running people over with no consequence.

In 2012, Rockstar said a sequel was possible. In 2013, Team Bondi revealed a teaser for a game called “Whore of the Orient” that many have said will be a spiritual successor (or sequel of sorts) to the game that will be published by WB Games. I’m not interested in calling Whore of the Orient a sequel to LA Noire.

I want a Rockstar developed sequel, and in case you couldn’t tell from the fictional title I’ve given this sequel, I want it to be set in New York during the Great Depression. I want to start as the beat cop and work my way to detective (as in LA Noire), and I want to find and examine clues and interview witnesses and suspects (again, as in LA Noire), but I want the city to feel lived in and with stuff to do in typical Rockstar fashion. I want to play as a good cop, but I also want the freedom to be a crooked cop if I so choose.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West 2

 Sequel to 2010’s multiplatform Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

I had not been following Enslaved: Odyssey to the West at all leading up to its release in October 2010. In September, Namco dropped a demo for the game, and as I usually do, I downloaded it. It didn’t take too long for me to start sitting up and taking notice of the game. After playing through the demo, and really enjoying it, I made sure I picked up the game after its release.

A re-imagined version of the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West, Enslaved told the story of Monkey (voiced and mo-capped by Andy Serkis) and a woman named Trip who enslaves Monkey after the two escape a slave ship. Trip enslaves Monkey because she needs help to return to home, which is some 300 miles away.

The post-apocalyptic world of Enslaved was absolutely gorgeous to look at, and the game boasted some of the best cutscenes and voice acting seen in a video game. The game, developed by Ninja Theory, was an action-adventure game with platform elements. In a lot of ways, it was a lot like Uncharted, which may be why I gravitated towards it in the first place.

Unfortunately, the game didn’t sell very well. To date, over three years after its release, the game has sold close to a million copies on Xbox 360 and PS3. Any plans were for a sequel were apparently shelved in 2012, although the writing was on the wall when Namco expressed disappointment in the games sales back in November 2010.

I thought Enslaved: Odyssey to the West was a great game. I want a sequel; it’d be a day one purchase for me. But it’s not going to happen, and this is one instance where I can blame other gamers. For all the complaining that goes on regarding a lack of new IP, when a great one finally comes along, it’s basically ignored by most gamers. For shame.

Civilization Revolution 2

Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Last Frontier

Sequel to 2008’s multiplatform Side Meier’s Civilization Revolution

In 2008, 2K Games released the Firaxis Games developed Civilization: Revolution on PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS. It was the third Civilization game to release on home consoles (with the second being Civilization II appearing on PlayStation in 1999), but was the first game in the series to be developed for consoles and not released on PC.

Because of the nature of the controls, Civilization Revolution was a lot simpler than the PC version. It wasn’t as detailed, and didn’t have as much jammed in. But it was fun, and it was as good as any strategy game has been on home consoles.

A sequel seems both likely and unlikely at the same time. After all, the series is still popular and a new entry (Civilization: Beyond Earth) was recently announced for PC. But it has been six years since the consoles have seen a Civilization game. While it is possible that Beyond Earth could be ported to current gen systems, I wouldn’t count on it and realistically wouldn’t really want a port anyway. PC gamers deserve a true PC version, while console gamers are going to need something a little more simple.

Hence the title of the proposed sequel: Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Last Frontier. I would want this Revolution sequel to be similar to Beyond Earth in theme; leaving Earth and colonizing space, but I want it to be a true Revolution sequel: built for consoles and only on consoles.


Starhawk 2

Sequel to 2012’s PS3 exclusive Starhawk

Starhawk was the spiritual successor to the PS3 exclusive online title Warhawk. The biggest difference between Warhawk (which I haven’t played) and Starhawk is that Starhawk has a single player campaign, and Warhawk is an online multiplayer game only. Not only does Starhawk have a single player campaign, but it actually has a pretty good one. No, it isn’t a great story, but it sure was fun to playthrough.

Starhawk had a unique mechanic called “Build and Battle” that allowed you to build structures in the midst of battle. You could change the tide of a battle with a well placed support building like a bunker or an armory. This mechanic transformed the game from a standard third person shooter into one with real-time strategy elements. Add in the fact that you had multiple vehicles to command, including piloting a mech called a Hawk, and you had something pretty special.

As good as Starhawk’s single player is though, the game also boasts great multiplayer featuring up to 32-player battles in competitive and a hoard style cooperative mode for four players. In the multiplayer, everyone has the ability to use the build and battle system, creating a great strategy element. With players running and gunning, and sniping on the ground, and other players fighting it out in the skies above, Starhawk’s multiplayer is a fast paced and fun environment.

Unfortunately, the developer’s, Lightbox Interactive, made up of former Incognito Entertainment members, have moved on to developing mobile games after their contract with Sony ran out. Moreover, while the game had good reviews, it ultimately hasn’t sold very well. According to, the game has only sold 0.26 million copies to date.

Those are the five sequels that I’d like to see more than any other, that aren’t likely to happen. If I could only pick one to happen and the other four would never happen, I believe I’d have to go with MAG 2. It is still the most fun I’ve had playing a FPS game online since my days playing Black Hawk Down on PC. It had it’s issues sure, but I really loved playing MAG and I’m still bummed every time I look at my gaming shelf and see that MAG box sitting there because I can’t play it and I want to.

Which of the sequels I discussed here would you be interested in? What are your own unlikely sequels that you’d like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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11 Comments on The 5 Unlikely Sequels I’d Like to See on PS4

  1. I’d be interested in all of those sequels to some degree or another if they ever happened. Good write up!


  2. MAG sequel please


  3. I’d love to see an Enslaved sequel that built on the strengths of the original, but as you said it is very unlikely.

    I’d love a new Jak and Daxter game on PS4 more than anything as long as it felt true to its predecessors (the concepts Naughty Dog talked about when they tried to make a new one a few years back did not sound so good). I know that is a PS2 series not a PS3 one, but it would be the one I’d want the most.


    • That remains me that I still need to pick up the Jak and Daxter HD collection for PS3. Wouldn’t mind another entry in the series, but I wouldn’t want Naughty Dog to develop it.


  4. dosa072000 // April 30, 2014 at 2:19 PM // Reply

    Out of the one’s mentioned id like to see starhawk 2 and new york noir but personally I’d like to see a true warhawk sequel. Starhawk was good but warhawk was amazing and still has a big active community even now after it was released 8 years ago. Not many games can boast that.


    • Glad to hear Warhawk has a large active community. I’ve never played it, but have heard nothing but great things. Know that it still has a big community makes me want to pick it up.


  5. Great picks. I am holding out hope that we do get an LA Noire sequel someday. New York or Chicago — I would be happy with either. I loved the first game, but I feel it has so much untapped potential that makes the idea of a sequel so enticing.


    • Chicago would be a great setting too. Tons of untapped potential. Could have been so much more if it offered just a little bit more freedom and stuff to do within the open world itself.


  6. I only bought ps3 because i played MAG at my friends house at its release month. Best game ever.
    Plans for buying ps4 ATM: none..
    If a MAG 2 gets announced i’ll certainly get a ps4


  7. MAGMAGMAG // May 29, 2014 at 9:40 AM // Reply



  8. MAG 2 should come… i haven’t turned on my PS4 since March.

    I make my comment with my player name.
    Maybe somebody will remember me… After a game i would look up the player(s) i shot numerous times in that game and send the following message:

    Tnx 4 being such a easy target…

    Offcourse i was camping… but some people are more stupid than donkeys, and let themselves get shot up till 15times on exactly the same spot.
    Thanks to them i have over 4k ribbons for 3kills in a match over 120meters :D

    And this was way before the glitching started.
    Yes i did glitch to, but only to find out where the ‘good’ sniping spots were… So i could kill glitchers in a next game.

    I mostly played Suppression, because of the quick gameplay. Domination was fun to, but if you were on the losing side many others backed out. Leaving you alone…

    I look forward now to RDR2… MAG2 isn’t gonna happen :(


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