Destiny Daily 9/25/14: The Queen’s Wrath Continues, New Bounties

Destiny Daily

BIG UPDATE: Bungie has just deployed a hot fix patch, which you can read about here. It has some significant impact on the game for a lot of us. Ignore what I say below, The Queen’s Wrath is no longer a way to get Ascendant Shards. Dismantling gear you get from completing Queen’s Wrath missions will no longer award Shards. That’s BS. They’ve also patched out the cave farming in Skywatch and reduced the drop rate of engrams. More here.


The Queen’s Wrath continues on, and if you’re doing her bounties and missions then you are absolutely missing out on a quick and easy way to get some Ascendant Shards. Thank goodness this event runs until October 6th!

If you haven’t yet done so, you can check out my review of Destiny by clicking here. Needless to say, I think it is a superb game.

Anyway, onto why most of you are here, the daily bounties:


  • TARGET: AKSOR, ARCHON PRIEST – Defeat Aksor, Archon Priest in the “Winter’s Run” Strike on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Walking Tall – Complete any Strike without dying (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • It’s All in the Head – Kill 100 enemies with precision damage (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Cleansing Light – Kill 3 or more enemies with a single super use, 20 times (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • TARGET: PRIMUS SHA’AULL – Defeat Primus Shau’ull in “The Garden’s Spire” mission on Mars with Heroic modifier active (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Patrol Venus – Complete 6 Patrol missions on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)


  • First Blood – Earn 3 First Blood medals (+100 rep, +5000 XP)
  • Back Scratcher – Earn 50 Assists in the Crucible (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Throw Down – Defeat 20 Guardians with your melee attack (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Death or Glory – Complete 5 Clash matches (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Stopping Power – Earn 10 Buckshot Bruiser medals (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Electrocutioner – Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)

Queen’s Reef

  • For Her Honor – Win 3 Crucible Matches with the Queen’s Class, Emblem, and Shader items equipped (+75 Favor, +3750 XP)
  • Warrior of the Reef – Defeat 50 Guardians with the Queen’s Class, Emblem, and Shader items equipped (+75 Favor, +3750 XP)
  • Off With Their Heads – Defeat 15 Guardians with Sniper Rifle headshots (+75 Favor, +3750 XP)
  • Extermination Protocol – Defeat 200 Fallen with headshots (+100 Favor, +5000 XP)
  • Archon Slayer – Defeat Riksis, the Devil Archon, in the Cosmodrome on Earth (+100 Favor, +5000 XP)
  • Prime Target – Defeat Sepiks Prime, deep within the Cosmodrome on Earth (+100 Favor, +5000 XP)

Riksis is the boss of the first story mission (Restoration) on Earth. Sepiks Prime is the final boss on The Devil’s Lair strike on Earth.

Today’s Daily Heroic Story mission is The Black Garden on Mars and it also has the Juggler modifier active. You may remember it for being the final campaign mission in the game. The Crucible playlist for today is Skirmish.

I inched higher up the level 28 light rank yesterday thanks to the Queen’s gear I was able to fully upgrade my boots. I also got my second exotic weapon bounty yesterday, this one for the shotgun Invective. I had to complete five strikes without dying (easy), get a kill/death spread of +25 in the Crucible (assists also count towards your kills in this… took me two and a half rounds on Control), complete the Weekly Strike (did this solo), and today I’m having to farm Glimmer to purchase seven more special weapon ammo synthesis (I need 50).

I tried repeatedly to do the Nightfall Strike solo and made it to the boss every time before getting killed. I’m going to keep working on it.

That’ll do it for today. Get out there and complete those bounties, do those public events, and grind for gear Guardians!

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