Destiny Daily 9/26/14: Grab Your Strange Coins, Xur Is Back in Town

Destiny Daily

It’s Friday Guardians, and that means that it’s time to possibly put those Strange Coins to use. That’s right, Xur, Agent of the Nine, is back in the Tower with his exotic wares. Find out what he’s selling this week a little later below.

So, yesterday Bungie released a Hot Fix that nerfed farming and rendered the Queen’s Wrath eventful completely worthless for the vast majority of us over level 24 (and those 24 and under who have already gotten the two pieces of legendary gear). I don’t mind the cave stuff being fixed and engrams being reduced after folks die in respawn restricted areas. But not allowing Queen’s gear to be dismantled for Ascendant Shards is moronic and really makes that event serve no purpose for many of us. I only need one Queen’s Guard Vest or Helmet Bungie, I could have used those Shards though.

Because of that “fix,” I’m not even going to bother listing the Queen’s bounties. But, here are today’s bounties for the Vanguard and the Crucible.


  • TARGET: SEPIKS PRIME – Defeat Sepiks Prime in “The Devil’s Lair” Strike on Earth (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • TARGET: SEKRION – Defeat Nexus Mind Sekrion in the Nexus Strike on Earth (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • One For All – Achieve Gold Tier Rating in Public Events (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Cleansing Light – Kill 3 or more enemies with a single super use, 20 times (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Unstoppable – Earn 9000 experience without dying (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Patrol Cosmodrome – Complete 6 Patrol missions in the Cosmodrome (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)


  • Shake The Pillars – Defeat 25 Titans in the Crucible (+75 Rep, +3750 XP)
  • Back Scratcher – Earn 50 Assists in the Crucible (+50 rep, +2500 XP)
  • Throw Down – Defeat 20 Guardians with your melee atack (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Electrocutioner – Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • No Riding Zone – Defeat 10 Guardians on Vechicles (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Revengeance – Earn 5 Postmortem medals (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)

Today’s Daily Heroic Story mission is The Dark Within on Earth. This time, the story also has the Lightswitch modifier active, meaning you don’t want to get close to enemies because they deal much more melee damage. Today’s Crucible playlist is Control, thank goodness as it is my favorite PVP mode.

This week, Xur is located in the bottom part of the right side of the Tower. When you spawn in the Tower, head right towards the Shipwright, but keep going down the stairs until you can’t go any further. He’s up against a back wall. Here’s what he’s selling this time:

  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Titan Chest Armor – 13 Strange Coins
  • Knucklehead Radar – Hunter Helmet – 13 Strange Coins
  • Apotheosis Veil – Warlock Helmet – 13 Strange Coins
  • Suros Regime – Assault Rifle – 23 Strange Coins
  • Exotic Helment Engram – 23 Motes of Light (Random Class, it’s a gamble)

I had 42 Strange Coins, so this week I splurged it and got both the Hunter helmet and the Suros Regime. Now I have three beastly assault rifles.

Despite the patch making it where I only got three Shards from the Queen’s event before the “fix,” I had a pretty good day yesterday. I joined a group during the final boss on the Raid, and beat that. I still haven’t experienced the entire thing (just the end boss), but at least I got the trophy for completing a Raid and I ended up with three Ascendant Energies, a Legendary Ship (Glass Minuet), and the Legendary Assault Rifle Atheon’s Epilogue which is absolutely beastly. It’s got a 70 mag clip, 792 rounds in reserve, and it does Void damage. Impact on it is terrible, and the recoil is taking a while to get the hang of though (my Shadow Price has almost no recoil and has really spoilt me).

In a rarity for me, I also had two legendary engrams drop while playing yesterday. Of course they decrypted into blue gear instead of something useful, but it had been a couple of days since I last received a legendary engram so I still managed to get excited for some unknown reason.

That’s going to do it for today’s update. Are you buying anything from Xur this week?

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1 Comment on Destiny Daily 9/26/14: Grab Your Strange Coins, Xur Is Back in Town

  1. I’ll be buying the Exotic Helmet Engram and pray that I get Helm of Saint-14 to build up my Defender for PvP. If I get an item for a different class then I’ll just dismantle it and use the shards to finally get to level 28.

    Other than that I might buy the Crest of Alpha Lupi piece if I can get enough Strange coins (I currently have 10). That should be good for PvE with its quick revive skill. Either that or I dismantle it for shards, since I already have an exotic helmet (Helm of inmost light)

    I won’t have enough coins for a weapon, but that’s okay because this week I got the exotic MIDA Multi Tool from a legendary engram (I guess the Cryptarch isn’t such a jerk after all)


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