Destiny Daily 10/02/14: Tiger Strike Playlist Now Worth Playing, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

Welcome back Guardians to another Daily Destiny. It’s the day after Patch 1.0.2, and now our engrams are decrypting into rares or better. I’ve yet to personally see a legendary engram (it’s been days since I’ve gotten one). I’ve seen other folks get them though. Out of the the probably 30 blue engrams I decrypted yesterday, only one (the first one) decrypted into a legendary item. I leveled the Cryptarch up twice yesterday, and both times I got three blue engrams.

A lot of folks have reported getting legendary gear, exotics, or legendary engrams from the Vanguard Tiger Strike playlist. I played five strikes from that playlist last night; I saw a guy get legendary engrams twice. No one got anything good in the rewards screen (although twice I got four blue items as rewards). Still, seems worth playing now though, even if my luck with the RNG still seems  low.

Here are the bounties for today:


  • Walking Tall – Complete any Strike without dying (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Exalted Hive – Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Overcharge – Kill 2 enemies with a Fusion Rifle, 20 times (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • TARGET: BRACUS THA’AURN – Defeat Bracus Tha’aurn in “The Buried City” mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • TARGET: PROHIBITIVE MIND – Defeat the Prohibitive Mind in the “Rising Tide” mission on Mars with the Heroic modiifer active (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Patrol Cosmodrome – Complete 6 Patrol missions in the Cosmodrome (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)


  • First Blood – Earn 3 First Blood medals (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Never See You Coming – Kill 10 Guardians from behind (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Pull The Pin – Defeat 20 Guardians with Grenades (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Death or Glory – Complete 5 Clash Matches (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Target Practice – Earn 10 Gunslinger medals (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • No Riding Zone – Defeat 10 Guardians on Vehicles (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)

The daily story missions can award good stuff, as evidenced by some people. Yesterday I got a blue helmet and two Ascendant Shards. Today’s Daily Heroic Story mission is A Stranger’s Call on Venus. It does also have the Juggler modifier, so make sure you switch between your three weapon types. It’s a pretty easy mission. The Crucible playlist for today is Clash, so you can play that and get extra XP while completing that bounty.

The Iron Banner Crucible event starts next Tuesday. So you have less than a week to upgrade your weapons and gear to get as high of an Attack and Defense as you can get. I’m capped out on 1382 defense since I won’t be getting any better gear to progress to 30 anytime soon. My Shadow Price AR, Comedian shotgun, and Thunderlord are ready to rock though. And I use Gunslinger, i.e. the only Super (Golden Gun) in the game that requires a little bit of skill (you actually have to aim, imagine that). Group of tight people; I like it when I can kill three of you with one Golden Gun shot.

In the mean time, the Queen’s Wrath is still going on for any folks who still care or need a legendary helmet/chest piece.

That’s going to do it for today. Check back tomorrow for new bounties and to see what the daily story mission is.

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