Ranting About Destiny’s Weekly Nightfall, Random Rewards, and General End Game Content

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Destiny has been out now for six weeks, and that means there have been six weekly Nightfall strikes. I completed my first Nightfall during week three, and have completed each since then for four total Nightfall. My rewards for completing these hard mode strikes has been: 6 Strange Coins, 9 Strange Coins, 9 Strange Coins, and this week 10 Strange Coins. There are those who would welcome the coins, and while I’ll admit that they are useful, I am not one of those people.

I don’t believe Strange Coins should even be a part of the RNG table for Nightfall rewards. I do the Nightfall for the 25% weekly XP/Rep buff and to try to acquire exotic and legendary weapons and gear. That I have gotten Strange Coins each time I’ve completed this weekly strike version is discouraging me from continuing to do it. After all, the only thing Strange Coins are good for is buying exotics from Xur on the weekend, and it isn’t like his stock changes a ton each week.

My bigger issue though is that Strange Coins are the advertised reward for competing the Weekly Heroic Strike, which is the exact same strike as the Nightfall only with the Heroic modifier instead of Epic and less modifiers in general (i.e. it is the easier version). I run the Weekly Heroic at Level 28, which is going to always guarantee me 9 Strange Coins. I’m fine with that, it’s why I do the Weekly. But that makes me feel ripped off and like I wasted my time when I do the harder version of the strike (the Nightfall) and get the same reward I’ll get for doing the Heroic version.

Bungie, I’m begging you to remove the Strange Coins, which are classified as a rare item, from the potential rewards for completing the Nightfall. Nightfall should reward legendary or better items, as it apparently does for a lot of people. I’d be fine with 9+ Ascendant Energies or Shards, but the Strange Coins have got to go.

And that brings me to another issue regarding end game content and rewards. One of the biggest knocks people have against Destiny is the lack of content (and how the game was seemingly gutted and stuff being held back for DLC), and I kinda agree with that. Keep in my mind that I do love Destiny and think it is a superb game (read my review here) purely because of how much fun it is and how great the gameplay itself is, but as I sit here still at level 29 I have to wonder what’s left. It’s still quite a ways until December, and the two “events” thus far have both been severely underwhelming.

The end-game content simply isn’t appealing, regardless or whether or not its fun. And the reason it isn’t appealing is because there isn’t just a lack of content in terms of activities/missions to do, but there is also a serious lack of content in the loot department.

The raid currently has the best loot; primary weapons that do elemental damage and are legendary, legendary gear that can get you to level 30, etc.  The problem is that its all random. You may do the raid each week, and end up with no raid gear (or one piece multiple times), a Chatterwhite shader each time, a sparrow, or a ship that is useless. Or you may just get Ascendant Material’s if your luck is really bad. How are players suppose to be unique when the gear they need to get level 30 is only dropped in the raid and is the same?

The legendary weapons that can drop from defeating Atheon can only be gotten from the raid, and they’re useful. I have Atheon’s Epilogue, the assault rifle that does void damage, and it is excellent to use during Nightfall strikes with Void Burn. But there are only seven of these legendary weapons, and the one exotic that can only be gotten from the Vault of Glass. You have a chance of getting an exotic weapon, but all of these can be gotten by doing something other than the raid (including bought from Xur). I love the Ice Breaker that I bought last Friday, but if I got it now as drop in the raid then I would be disappointed… because I don’t need two.

As a Hunter, I would be looking for Raid gear; Prime Zealot Gloves, Prime Zealot Cuirass, and Prime Zealot Greaves.  Every Hunter now who wants to hit level 30 is going to have to have some combination of those (or the Prime Zealot Helmet, which can only drop on Hard Mode) and an exotic piece of armor. The Titan’s and Warlock’s have their own set. Every one level 30 in a class is going to look largely the same, because this is the only gear that will get you to level 30. How is that suppose to make players feel “unique?” Or make other gamers wonder, “where did he/she get that?” as Bungie once claimed as a goal/would happen. There are also two legendary ships, a legendary sparrow, one legendary shader, and ascendant materials that can drop in the raid.

The random nature of it, combined with the potential for drops of items you already have or worse can be gotten from somewhere else (or bought), turns the raid into a giant grind that won’t be worth it for most players because of the barrier to entry. I get frustrated now with the Nightfall, and I imagine it’d be a lot worse for something that takes more time to complete and has to include other players (and no matchmaking). At least I can solo the Nightfall in 25 or 30 minutes.

I’m of the opinion that the game needs more unique gear and weapons NOW, not just in the expansions. My main problem isn’t just the random nature of rewards, but the lack of them. Nightfall should have its own gear, and multiple variations of it, as well as its own unique weapons. There should be a Nightfall version of the Daily Story mission that awards better stuff. Every strike should have a level 28 version with the Epic modifier (and a few others that vary) that possibly awards unique gear and weapons. There’s currently no reason to just choose to play The Devil’s Lair, or any other strike, because you aren’t going to get anything except maybe a bounty completion. If there were true end-game versions of these strikes that had a rare chance to award unique items (in addition to non-unique items), then there would be a reason to grind them.

As is, I can sit in the Level 24 Vanguard Tiger strike playlist and play for hours, many times the same strike in a row, and get nothing but blue engrams that decrypt into worthless gear or weapons for a level 29 player. I don’t need a pair of level 16 blue boots with two Light. And in that time, I’m making zero progress towards anything. Fun? Sure, but also a big waste of time.

There are other games coming out Bungie. You want me and others to continue playing, so how about providing an incentive to do so? Are daily bounties that take no time to complete and award nothing but rep and XP suppose to keep me logging in every day? Because once I get Future War Cult to rank 3, I won’t need anymore rep. I’ll have enough with every faction to be able to buy anything the vendors sell, and I never get anything for ranking up higher anyway (I hit rank 3 in Dead Orbit today and my reward was some glimmer and a Mote of Light… totally made that grind worth it).

Is the Daily Heroic Story mission suppose to keep me coming back? Because two shards or energies and a blue engram or two isn’t really good enough (to be fair, I did get a legendary engram as a reward when I completed the daily mission today). If you want me to grind and play daily, and do the same story missions and strikes repeatedly, give me more reason to do so. Give me gear that I can only get from playing The Nexus at level 28. Give me guaranteed legendary or better drops from the Nightfall. Give me a reason to grind period. Blue engrams don’t do anything for me; I’ve gotten 1,800 Sapphire Wire… I’m not going to run out of it so please stop giving me worthless green and blue items.

If nothing else, just remove Strange Coins as a reward possibility from the Nightfall. I’m going to do the Nightfall this coming Tuesday, and if I get Strange Coins for the fifth straight week then I’m done until December.

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8 Comments on Ranting About Destiny’s Weekly Nightfall, Random Rewards, and General End Game Content

  1. I’m not as far as the author is in the game but I think everybody feels the same way. To be play a long hour mission or strike to just get nothing in the end is a slap in the face. I feel better hearing someone else say (or scream!) the stuff that I think while playing the game myself.


  2. I agree, but to me in my perspective this is like a mix between halo and Diablo or even SWOR on PC. I believe the main change to my gamers happy until December should be, once you hit level 24 or so you should only be getting legendary engrams. At least for a short time until December. Blues so nothing once you hit rank 2 or 3 for factions, crucible, or vanguard depending. At that time you can buy decent armor to sustain you until you get a legendary or exotic drop. I have 3 characters 1 of each type of guardian. Level 23 warlock is my lowest and he I still rocking some green armor and weapons due to horrible drops. My titan in all legendary except two blue weapon’s. That’s only because I hit rank 2 in crucible. My hunter has I exotic armor every else are blues once a agian horrible drops. In crease chest loot for armor and weapon’s. Add new missions like the queens or iron banner at least then we all new what would happen at the end. Bungie you guys are slipping. I have played every halo then switch to ps3 because you left it to 343. I bought a Xbox one because I believe in yall and know make awesome games, but I’m a little disappointed due to the poor thought iin loot and drops . And what’s is it with a chance to do or gain this. Random drops have to go until December otherwise gamers will set destiny and forget about it. Redeem yourselves. Level 24 cap then legendaries after that unto DLC.


  3. You’re lucky you get so many coins. I completed nighfall this week, and only received a couple of ascendant energies. I can’t remember how many – but it wasn’t a lot. I need coins right now and would love to have been rewarded with them. Different players need different elements. You need ascendants, I need coins. Within the bigger picture, Bungie may have got it right. Maybe one of nightfall reward, should be a coins and ascendant energies bundle. And let’s not forget the 25% XP buff.


  4. Frustrated Gaurdian // October 29, 2014 at 11:50 AM // Reply

    I can’t believe your actually complaining about getting strange coins. I play daily strikes at least 3 times a week, complete them alone, and not die once, and I don’t get shit. No coins, no gear, NOTHING. And your complaining your actually getting something they tell you your guaranteed. Must be nice…


    • What daily strikes?

      I complained about getting coins from the Nightfall. I play the weekly heroic for strange coins, because that’s what the guaranteed reward is. I don’t think coins should be in the reward table for the Nightfall.

      Thankfully I haven’t gotten coins the last two weeks I’ve done the Nightfall.


  5. ive done the nightfall on all 3 of my characters the last 3 weeks and have only ever gotten 1 strange coin drop. so 1/9. I think you’re just pissy because this game is based off of RNG and the RNG gods don’t favor you. :)


    • I was (and still am, although I haven’t received coins from the Nightfall the past three times I’ve done it) pissy about the fact that you can get coins from it at all.

      Strange coins are a “rare” item. They’re the reason to play the Weekly Heroic. I don’t believe they should be in the potential table for Nightfall rewards. I think the Nightfall should only award legendary or better items. The RNG simply doesn’t fit the style of it, since you can only get loot from it once a week per character.

      Be glad RNGesus shows you more favor. :)


  6. need to agree with gary nightfall have some loot that should not be droped there.
    i did night fall strike every restart with all my characters and i didnt droped a single exotic while other people i carry to the end of nightfall got exotics or cool legendary weapons and gear.


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