Game Modes and Events We Want to See Come to Destiny


I’ve been enjoying Destiny every day since its release, and I can’t wait for the DLC to come out in December so that I can do something different. After all, after six weeks of playing the same story missions and the same strikes, new versions definitely can’t get here fast enough. And that’s really the biggest problem with Destiny, the lack of content. Everything is repetitive, and you’re expected to grind the same content repeatedly mostly with little or no reward for doing so. Destiny doesn’t just need new story missions, strikes, and raids, because those will quickly be exhausted too. Destiny needs new modes.

Thankfully, other games exist even if I’m not currently playing anything other than Destiny. So for this article, I’m going to be looking back at some of the games I played most pre-Destiny and the modes from them that I want to see come to Destiny. As much as I do enjoy the Crucible, most of this will be new PVE modes/activities since I am primarily a PVE player and that is where my concern is at. These aren’t in any particular order of desirableness either. Since they are all based on modes from other games, I will list the game I’m referencing underneath the pretend title for each mode.

Team Objective Co-op (CO-OP)
Uncharted 3 – Co-op Arena

FIRETEAM: 3 players

  • Kill All Enemies – Kill a wave of enemies.
  • Collect Enemy Intell – Kill a specific type of enemy and collect their drops (for example, kill Shielded Fallen Shanks being protected by Vandals and Dregs). Similar to Patrol mission.
  • Kill The VIP Target – Take out a high value target; a mini-boss (or actual boss at final round). Similar to the VIP Patrol mission.
  • Defense – Kill enemies from within a specific zone.
  • Capture the Relic – Grab a strange relic and get it to the safe zone. Not the strange relic from the raid. Can melee with it or throw it, but can’t shoot while holding it.

This mode would have 20 rounds, each getting progressively harder. You’d have a 30 minute time limit total. The 20th and final round would include a boss (unique to the map) and would be more bulletspongey than anything else in the mode, so you’d want to clear the earlier objectives as fast as possible. Maybe have additional time added based on how quickly you complete every fifth round. 20 lives shared amongst the team.

This mode would have matchmaking, and could reward rare or legendary rewards (plus engram drops from enemies, guaranteed engram drops from the final round 20 VIP boss. Would use the PVP maps. This was my favorite mode in Uncharted 3; played a ton of it. Would play a ton of it in Destiny as well.

Defense Horde (CO-OP)
Warframe – Defense

FIRETEAM: 4 players

  • Waves of progressively harder enemies who are trying to destroy something.
  • At the conclusion of every round, players can opt to quit with a reward or risk it and keep going.
  • The more rounds you complete, the better the rewards.
  • Boss battles (of progressing difficulty) at the end of every fifth round; guaranteed to drop engrams.
  • 4-player fireteams. Supports matchmaking.

If you’ve played Warframe, you’ve played Defense. It’s a great mode and would be a fantastic PVE addition to Destiny. I wouldn’t use the PVP maps for this. Instead, this mode would have one unique arena per planet. If you’re on Earth, you’re defending against the Fallen, and if you’re on Mars you’re defending against the Cabal.

We’ve Woken The Hive (CO-OP)
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare – Undead Overrun

FIRETEAM: 4 players

  • Kill waves of Hive. TONS of Thralls
  • Deploy Ghost to scan items to add time, grant ammo.
  • When no time is left, teammates can no longer be revived.
  • Rewards based on length of time the team survives and the amount of waves you complete.
  • 4-player fireteams. Supports matchmaking.

Undead Overrun was the greatest thing to happen to Red Dead Redemption. It made an already great game with great online play all the more better. I don’t even want to begin to count the number of hours I spent slaying zombies with one or three other players in what was just one small part of the greatest $10 DLC in history. The first story mission on the Moon, the Dark Beyond, has that epic scene where the doors open and a ton of Thralls, Acolytes, and the Knight come at you. This mode is based on that, and would have three unique maps for it (two on the Moon; one inside tunnels and one on the surface, and one on Earth).

There’s a time limit, and your objective is to kill all of the enemies to advance to the next wave. Somewhere on the map, something will spawn during each wave and you’ll have to deploy your ghost to scan it. Scanning the item will grant ammo for all players, and time. Teamwork will be necessary here; scanning should take 6-10 seconds and the person scanning the item can’t shoot (without disrupting the scan) while doing so. Failure to scan the item before all enemies are killed means you don’t get additional ammo during that wave and no time gets added. Downed partners can be revived until the timer runs out, and then when you’re down you’re down.

Darkness Consumed (CO-OP PVP)
Combat Arms – Quarantine Regen

FIRETEAM: 6 players, Total Count: 12 players

  • 12 Players
  • Two random players begin as either a Major Hive Knight or Wizard.
  • Killed Guardians are “consumed” with Darkness and transform into Hallowed Acolytes
  • Guardians job is to kill the Hive/Darkness or survive for seven minutes and make it to evac zone.
  • Random rewards, just like the Crucible.

This mode is probably the most controversial on our list, and easily the hardest to implement. Other games have done it, but Combat Arms was where I first experienced it. The Knight and the Wizard would be bullet sponges, otherwise they’d go down pretty quickly considering it’d start off 10 vs. 2. I liked it then, and I would like it now on Destiny. Playing has a Knight or Wizard would be a nice change for a mode, as would playing as an Acolyte. Hunting down other players is always fun. This would be the least important mode I’d like to see added, probably because I’d play it less than any above, but still I always liked it back when I played Combat Arms and would like to experience something like it again in a game that I currently play a ton of.

Here are some other modes/features we’d like to see:

  • 12 player Sparrow races. One track around each planet. Go through war zones where enemies can shoot at you.
  • A gun range in the tower. Try out guns before you buy them, including different perks.
  • Ship battles. We have ships and a lot of them look cool. Right now they’re pointless. I want to use it as a vault, and be able to walk around inside of it. Maybe even have a pet inside of it. More importantly, I want to be able to engage other players, and AI enemies, in air-to-air combat in space.
  • Buy new dance moves. People like to dance in Destiny, and so do we. Too bad our dance moves aren’t befitting of legendary guardians. Should cost Glimmer, but I’d waste Strange Coins on some new dance moves. While you’re at it, throw in a dedicated dance floor (with music) in the Tower. Monkey really wants to be able to get a group of Guardians together and do the Thriller dance. Who doesn’t?
  • Bigger public events. Public events are currently a joke. Most of them can be solo’d. How about you feel the game world up to max capacity and start a large public event; a lot more time, more bullet spongey, and a lot of additional enemies spawning. Maybe even include another enemy group like the “enemies are moving against one another event,” and make it a larger one those. A public events with a Devil Walker, shielded captains, a Hive Shrieker, and wizards, with all the other common lesser enemies would be epic. These should feel like events that require a lot of players to finish, regardless of level.
  • Community Public Events. Something like this would be classified as an “event” that could last a week. Instanced mega boss battles for six players in one instance that last up to one week; participate once a day until you die or the boss “retreats.” Basically the ultimate bullet sponge. Just like the Ur Dragon in Dragon’s Dogma. Once the boss finally dies, players can return to the instance area and collect their loot as well as see the leaderboard to see how much damage they did and how much damage other players did. Chance for unique legendary and exotic loot, and the top % get the best loot. Would have a grace period near the end where all players can see/participate in the final killing of the boss provided they log into the instance during the grace period.

That’s just some modes/ideas we’d like to see implemented in Destiny. Obviously there are fixes that could be made that we’d love to see (Grimore in game, a mini map, the ability to see faction rep/progress from the menu, and even a Mote of Light bar in place of the XP bar after you hit level 20), but those are more commonly mentioned and aren’t modes.

What do you think of our list of ideas? Would you want to play any of these modes in Destiny? What other modes would you like to see come to Destiny? Let us know in the comments below; let’s discuss it and give Bungie some ideas.

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