Destiny Daily 10/21/14: New Weekly Heroic, Nightfall, and Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

It’s the start of a brand new week in Destiny Guardians. You can once again get loot from the raid, the Nightfall, the Weekly Heroic, as well as earn Marks.

But first things first, here are the bounties for 10/21:


  • TARGET: SEKRION – Defeat Nexus Mind Sekrion in the “Nexus” Strike on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Fallen Leaders – Kill 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Body Dropper – Kill 100 enemies without dying (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Predator and Prey – Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • TARGET: DIVISIVE MIND – Defeat the Divisive Mind in “The Black Garden” mission on Mars with the Heroic modifier active (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Patrol Venus – Complete 6 Patrol mission on Venus (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)


  • First Blood – Earn 3 First Blood medals (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Ash and Dust – Defeat 15 Guardians with a Rocket Launcher (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Pull The Pin – Defeat 20 Guardians with Grenades (+50 Rep, +2500 XP)
  • Headhunter – Defeat 50 Guardians with headshots (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)
  • Reclamation – Complete 5 Salvage Matches (+100 Rep, +5000 XP) [IMPOSSIBLE]
  • Death or Glory – Complete 5 Clash Matches (+100 Rep, +5000 XP)

The Daily Heroic Story mission for today is Chamber of Night on the Moon, and it also has the Juggler modifier active. The Crucible playlist for today is Rumble.

The Weekly Heroic Strike and Nightfall for this week is The Summoning Pits on the Moon. The Weekly Heroic also has the Angry modifier, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Easily soloable. The Nightfall on the other hand has Lightswitch and Arc Burn added. Lots of Thralls with the Lightswitch modifier means you’re going to have to play smart and patient. Getting melee’d twice (once for some) is going to mean death. Arc Burn is great because the Knights have Arc shields, but Knights also shoot Arc balls at you so snipe them and avoid getting hit. You’re still going to have to contend with the witches with Solar shields. Soloable? Yes. Easy? Probably not for most.

I’m about to live stream my first attempt at the Nightfall solo without having good Arc weapons. Watch along below or on Twitch. I don’t do commentary, but if anyone says anything in the chat I’ll see it and respond when I can.

Stream is over, player removed. Nope, didn’t beat it on my first attempt. Got killed by a Thrall in the boss room. Still an okay attempt though. Will try again later.

That’s all for today. Get out there and complete your weekly activities and get your loot.

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