Destiny Daily 11/3/14: Daily Bounties, Last Day of the Destiny Week

Destiny Daily

Welcome back Guardians! It’s the first Destiny Daily of November, a time when a lot of new and highly anticipated games will be coming out. I’m sure many of you will put Destiny to the side. While there’s quite a few games I’m excited for this month, Destiny Daily will keep going strong for those of you who are like me and will continue playing this great game on a daily basis.

We have a quick one today though, so here are the daily bounties for 11/3:

Vanguard Bounties

 Target: Aksor, Archon Priest  Defeat Aksor, Archon Priest in the “Winter’s Run” Strike on Venus. +50 / +2,500
 Target: Sekrion  Defeat Sekrion, Nexus Mind in the “The Nexus” Strike on Venus. +50 / +2,500
 Walking Tall  Complete any Strike without dying. +100 / +5,000
 Body Dropper  Kill 100 enemies without dying. +50 / +2,500
 Predator and Prey  Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them. +50 / +2,500
 Patrol The Moon  Complete 6 Patrol missions on the Moon. +50 / +2,500


Well, looks like they really want you to do a strike today. Be sure and pick up the Sekrion bounty if you haven’t done the Weekly Heroic or Nightfall Strike yet and plan on doing so today. Might be a good idea to hold on to the Aksor bounty until tomorrow, as the new Weekly/Nightfall should be Winter’s Run.

Crucible Bounties

 The Wild Hunt  Defeat 25 Hunters in the Crucible. +75 / +3,750
 First Blood  Earn 3 First Blood medals. +100 / +5,000
 Throw Down  Defeat 20 Guardians with your melee attack. +100 / +5,000
 Stay Golden  Complete 5 Rumble Matches. +100 / +5,000
 No Riding Zone  Defeat 10 Guardians on Vehicles. +100 / +5,000
 Revengeance  Earn 5 Postmortem medals. +100 / +5,000


The crucible playlist for today is Clash.

Daily Heroic Mission: The Warmind

Location: Old Russia, Earth


  • Break the House of Devils’ grasp on the Cosmodrome and secure a vital link to the Golden Age.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • LIGHTSWITCH – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.


  • Cryptarch Engram
  • Vanguard Marks +5
  • +4800 XP (lvl 20) l +6000 XP (lvl 24) l +7500 XP (lvl 28)
  • Ascendant Material (lvl 24) l 2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 28)

This is a really quick and easy mission, BUT stay on guard as it is loaded with stealth vandals (including one who jumps down from the ceiling) and that could be an instant death if they melee you. The vandals are really the only thing you have to worry about, but you don’t want anything meleeing you. Keep distance between yourself and enemies at all times.

For the final part with the servitors, it’s best to have Ice Breaker or a good rocket launcher with you to take them down fairly quickly.

That’s going to wrap it up for today. Remember that tomorrow is the weekly reset, and that means a new chance at loot from the Raid and a new Nightfall/Weekly to run through for some loot. The Nightfall tomorrow should be Winter’s Run on Venus. That one is super easy to solo. See you all tomorrow.


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