Destiny Daily 11/5/14: Daily Bounties, Heroic Mission

Destiny Daily

Welcome back Guardian’s to another Destiny Daily. Yesterday saw the weekly world reset. I ran the Nightfall with my brother and for the first time I got an exotic weapon as a reward: the PlayStation exclusive Monte Carlo assault rifle. I’ll probably never use it, but was glad to receive it because I want to collect all of the exotic weapons and its the first time I’ve seen one of those PlayStation exclusive weapons. My brother got a legendary machine gun the name of which escapes me. So it was a fruitful Nightfall for us this time. I still have to run it again with my Level 27 Titan. If you got anything from the Nightfall, let us know in the comments at the end.

After doing the Nightfall, we ran the Weekly Heroic version, and during that I had a legendary helmet engram drop. The whole time I was hoping when I got back to the Tower that it would decrypt into a Warlock helmet, and praise the RNG it actually did so. My Warlock is only level 12 or so, but once she gets to 20 she will already have legendary helmet, arms, boots, and an exotic chest. And with the exception of the chest, all of the armor for my Warlock has been earned from playing as either my Hunter or Titan. So I can’t complain about that.

Enough of the chit chat, here are the bounties for 11/5:

Vanguard Bounties

 Walking Tall  Complete any Strike without dying. +100 / +5,000
 Relic Harvest – Mars  Collect 200 Olympus Tears on Mars.  +50 / +2,500
 Exalted Hive  Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.  +100 / +5,000
 Body Dropper  Kill 100 enemies without dying.  +50 / +2,500
 Target: Telthor, Unborn  Defeat Telthor in the “Chamber of Night” mission on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active.  +100 / +5,000
 Patrol Venus  Complete 6 Patrol missions on Venus.  +50 / +2,500


I’d do Exalted Hive , Kill 100 enemies, and Telthor first. You probably won’t get 100 kills, but you should be able to get the Exalted Hive bounty complete. Then you can mop up the remaining kills while collecting Olympus Tears on Mars. I recommend playing the Exclusion Zone mission on heroic, as there’s just a lot of yellow bar enemies and you’ll get 200 Tears in no time. You don’t even have to complete the mission.

Crucible Bounties

 The Wild Hunt  Defeat 25 Hunters in the Crucible. +75 / +3,750
 Never See You Coming  Defeat 10 Guardians from behind. +100 / +5,000
 Dominion  Complete 5 Control Matches. +100 / +5,000
 Reclamation  Complete 5 Salvage Matches. +100 / +5,000
 Stopping Power  Earn 10 Buckshot Bruiser medals. +100 / +5,000
 That’s How I Roll  Earn 5 Multikill medals. +100 / +5,000


The Crucible playlist for today is Control, which is nice because there’s a bounty for playing Control.

Daily Heroic Mission: The Last Array

Location: Old Russia, Earth


  • Track down codes to raise an ancient Array and connect it to long-lost colonies throughout the solar system.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • ANGRY – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.


  • Cryptarch Engram
  • Vanguard Marks +5
  • +4800 XP (lvl 20) l +6000 XP (lvl 24) l +7500 XP (lvl 28)
  • Ascendant Material (lvl 24) l 2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 28)

Today’s Heroic is an easy one (aren’t they all?). There’s no lightswitch or juggler modifier to worry about, and in my opinion the Angry modifier really only makes things a tad more annoying if you’re fighting the Cabal. So it’s a complete non-factor on any mission outside of Mars, to me anyway… you may disagree.

For this, speed your way through the Mothyards to get to Skywatch. Kill vandals to look for a ghost that still has the key. If you used to like to shoot in the old loot cave, make sure to run inside it and disturb the remains and reminisce about standing on that hill and shooting into that cave (I always do this now, because I rarely venture into Skywatch anymore).

You’ll make your way through some Fallen, and once outside the building you’ll have to deal with some Vandal’s and a Captain. Then more Vandal’s and another Captain. Snipe them, or use a hand cannon (seriously, buy The Devil You Know if you don’t already have it… it’s a GREAT gun), and they’ll all go down quickly. Then it’s just a matter of killing a few waves of Hive. Lots of Thrall’s and Acolytes, but also a few Knights and a couple of Wizards. Nothing all that difficult.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a legendary engram to go along with your Ascendant Material. If you’re like me, you’ll get a Level 16 rare chest piece and be thinking “wow, thanks RNG… that’s really what I need for completing this level 28 Heroic.”

That’s going to conclude today’s post. Probably won’t livestream, but it’s there just in case. Let us know if you got anything decent from the Nightfall. I’ll return to Destiny later this evening to do the Daily Heroic and a few bounties, but I’m off to play Advanced Warfare because I have to review it (and it’s also really good).

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