Destiny Daily 11/12/14: Daily Bounties, Daily Heroic

Destiny Daily

Sorry for the big delay in getting this up today. Had somethings to take care of early this morning, and just got back. So we’ll make this a short one.

Here are the bounties for 11/12:

Vanguard Bounties

 Relic Harvest – Moon  Collect 200 Impact Shards on the Moon. +50 / +2,500
 Relic Harvest – Mars  Collect 200 Olympus Tears on Mars. +50 / +2,500
 It’s All in the Head  Kill 100 enemies with precision damage. +50 / +2,500
 One For All  Achieve Gold Tier Rating in 3 Public Events. +100 / +5,000
 Predator and Prey  Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them. +50 / +2,500
 Patrol Venus  Complete 6 Patrol missions on Venus. +50 / +2,500


Make sure you have Relic Harvest Mars when you go do the Daily Heroic mission; you’ll get it completed in no time because there’s a lot of Major enemies good for 20+ Relic.

Crucible Bounties

 Relic Hunter  Participate in 10 Salvage Zone captures. +50 / +2,500
 Ash and Dust  Defeat 15 Guardians with a Rocket Launcher. +50 / +2,500
 Pull the Pin  Defeat 20 Guardians with Grenades. +50 / +2,500
 Death or Glory  Complete 5 Clash Matches. +100 / +5,000
 Party’s Over  Earn 5 Enforcer medals. +100 / +5,000
 That’s How I Roll  Earn 5 Multikill medals. +100 / +5,000


The Crucible playlist for today is Skirmish.

Daily Heroic Mission: Exclusion Zone

Location: Meridian Bay, Mars


  • Survive the military power of the Cabal and find the Gate to the Black Garden.


  • HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.
  • ANGRY – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.


  • Cryptarch Engram
  • Vanguard Marks +5
  • +4800 XP (lvl 20) l +6000 XP (lvl 24) l +7500 XP (lvl 28)
  • Ascendant Material (lvl 24) l 2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 28)

Don’t have to say much about this. This is the first story mission on Mars and takes less than 10 minutes. There’s a lot of Phalanx enemies here, and because of the Angry modifier they won’t flinch (i.e. they won’t put their shield down for you to get the easy head shot) and a lot of majors, but none of this is a problem. This one is super easy and straight forward. Kill all the enemies, hop on your sparrow, and turn on console. Quick and easy.

Yesterday I ran the Nightfall and the Weekly with my brother and got a legendary hand cannon that I’d never even heard of from the Nightfall; Red Hand IX from New Monarchy. It’s got as high of impact as The Devil You Know, and a 10 mag clip, but less range and stability (without upgrades anyway). It’s a pretty nice hand cannon. Going to give it to my Titan since he doesn’t have a good hand cannon (and by good I mean legendary or better). If you’ve ran the Nightfall, what did you get?

That’s going to do it for today Guardians. Again, sorry for the delay.


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