Now Gaming: What We’re Playing This Week (November Week 3)


It’s been one week since we first did this, and during that time some big games have released. But just because a bunch of new games are out doesn’t mean the old ones need to be cast aside. This week, there’s only three of us: me, Brian, and Jules. Here’s what we’re playing during this third week of November.


A Jack of Many Trades:

On Monday, I finished off Prey for the 360. My intention is to move on to Resistance: Burning Skies for the PS Vita as I should be able to knock out what I have left of that in fairly short order, but in the meantime I’ve found myself bouncing around between WWE 2K13 and 2K14, as well as restarting my NBA 2K14 MyGM franchise, where I won my opener against the Pistons with the Wizards, but managed to see my starting back court both go down for at least a week or two with assorted sprains. I also have an itch to play some Madden 25 and MLB the Show 14, and I’m also done with my current NCAA 14 season. Rest assured I will be getting into Burning Skies soon, but at the moment, I’m having some fun being all over the place.


MLB 12: The Show (PS3)

Those of you who follow this blog will remember that Gary did a series this past summer about MLB 12 The Show. And for those who don’t know about that, you’d be doing yourself a favor to look it up ASAP. As I wrote last week, I’m the definition of a casual gamer. I usually play only a handful of games per year, but the ones I play I really do try to fully immerse myself in. I’ve been playing The Show for a while now and just jumped back into it this week. As far as a simulation of what an actual baseball game is like, you really cannot do better than this. I also love that you can freely customize the attributes of all the players (or basically cheat) and also that you can make games go by faster by skipping whatever parts you don’t like, or don’t do well at such as base running, fielding, or batting respectively. My absolute favorite mode of play on this game is Road to the Show. On RTTS you take a created player and work him from the minors (hopefully) to the majors and get rewarded “training points” based on how well you perform in each day to day game. Like I said above, this game is pretty much my standby baseball game and I return to it almost on a weekly basis. For a few small criticisms, I think a better job could have been done with the commentating, as it gets old hearing the same comments again and again. For Christmas this year I am hoping to update and get one of the newer version of The Show where hopefully that will have been remedied.

Also Playing: Red Dead Redemption, WWE 2K14, UFC Undisputed 2010


NCAA Football 14 (PS3)

There’s only a few more weeks left of college football sadly, but there’s still a whole season to be played in my latest dynasty. I recently returned to NCAA Football 14 as an offensive coordinator at Washington State before leaving to tackle the same job at Alabama, and then leaving there to become the head coach at South Alabama. I’ve got six conferences with 16 teams; South Alabama is in the Sun Belt, which I’ve made basically the SEC of lesser schools. I’m still really liking the gameplay; not the biggest fan of the menus and the load times are atrocious because of all the updating and saving, but its serviceable. It scratches the itch that Madden NFL 15 can’t; that being a college game. It’s just too bad there isn’t one for PS4. There really needs to be another college football game made. Just make the game, and make everything editable with the option to create and the community will do all of the remaining work.

Also Playing: Destiny, Steamworld Dig, Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)


Now we want to know what YOU are playing. Are you playing a new game, or an older one? Let us know in the comments below, and tell us why you’re playing it and what you think of it. Until next time, game on!

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1 Comment on Now Gaming: What We’re Playing This Week (November Week 3)

  1. Gah! I missed the deadline to contribute to this column.

    Right now I’m playing AC: Unity and Far Cry 4 on the PC. Both games are behaving well for me and I see many lost hours of free time between the two of them.


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