Christmas 2014 Gift Ideas Review: Destiny The Poster Collection & Journal

Christmas Gift Idea Reviews

Christmas is right around the corner, so you may have already been purchasing some gifts or at least thinking about what you’ll get someone. If you know someone who is a fan of the video game Destiny, you may want to consider these two Destiny themed items from Insight Editions.

Destiny Poster Collection

The Destiny: The Poster Collection paperback book retails for just $14.99 at Amazon ($24.99 MRSP) and it features 20 removable, high quality posters.

The posters are big; they measure 12 x 0.4 x 16.1 inches. They’re also great pieces of art for fans of the game (some of the posters may even appeal to folks who aren’t fans of the game).  Prior to this, I had never seen a poster book from Insight Editions, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I assumed it’d be a flimsy magazine style poster book with cheap paper. The kind of posters that one might thumbtack to a wall.

That’s not the case. These are really well done posters. They’re printed on high quality, thick glossy paper. I’m going to keep them in the book for collection sake (even though the book is too tall for my shelves), but these are more than suitable for framing. They’d all actually look really good framed and hanging on a wall. In fact, if you know multiple fans of the game, you could buy this book and some frames and get multiple gifts out of it. And more than likely the recipients would really enjoy it.

At $15, it makes a really good gift idea because it isn’t too expensive. This one is recommended for fans of Destiny, and if you like the game as well (and I obviously do), then you may just want one for yourself as well.

Destiny Journal

The Destiny Hardcover Blank Journal retails for $15.18 at Amazon ($18.95 MRSP). It’s a hardcover journal measuring 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.9 inches and has 192 pages. The inside covers feature art from the game, but everything is obviously blank pages for you to write or draw on.

As such, there’s isn’t much to say about it. It’s well made; the journal is sewn-bind and it lies flat. It’s easy to write on. The pages are lineless, which I know some folks don’t like. The pages are high quality, heavy stock and light beige colored. It’d make a good journal for any fan of the game (or anyone who could use a quality journal), but it’d also make a really good sketch book if you know someone who likes to draw.

The journal also includes a ribbon placeholder, and inside the back cover is a 7.5 x 4.5–inch to hold photos or whatever pieces of paper you want to stick in there.

It may be a tad over priced if all you care about is a journal, but as a gift for a Destiny fan who likes to write (and doesn’t mind lineless paper) or draw, it’s worth the $15. Would make a great stocking stuffer.

* A copy of The Destiny Poster Collection and the Destiny Hardcover Journal were provided by Insight Editions for review.

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