Destiny Gets Hot Fix To Prepare for The Dark Below, Raises Activity Difficulty Levels

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The Dark Below expansion releases at 3am CT tomorrow morning. There’s new content for all Guardians whether you’ve purchased the expansion or not. To help prepare for The Dark Below, Bungie has released a new hot fix. Here’s what it does: : The one to pave the way for The Dark Below.

Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will become available for download by players on December 9th at 1AM Pacific time. Before it arrives, this update will support the delivery of new content.

The Dark Below

  • General bug fixes to content features in The Dark Below


  • Increased challenge levels for the following:
  • Daily Heroic Story
  • Weekly Heroic Strike
  • Weekly Nightfall Strike

Players who need to level up to successfully complete featured missions at new difficulty levels will find what they need to upgrade their characters in the Tower. As part of Expansion I, vendors will be equipped with more powerful weapons and gear. These items will be available for acquisition by all players.

Smith’s Sentiment: I was wondering what was going on when I took my level 28 Titan into what I thought was the level 28 daily heroic, and was doing less damage than I should have been doing and died twice. Then I saw the level number of the enemies and that they were 30 instead of 28 (which is what it was this morning when I did it on my 29 Hunter). This hotfix is the reason why. As a matter of fact, 28 isn’t an option for the Daily Heroic anymore, instead its 20, 26, and 30. This makes all of the video guides I was making for inclusion in Destiny Daily just about irrelevant
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