Destiny Daily 12/16/14: The Iron Banner Returns,The Summoning Pits Await in the Weekly Heroic & Nightfall, Daily Bounties

Destiny Daily

Today we get to earn Marks once again, plus head back to the Summoning Pits for the Nightfall. That’s an easy one; well it’s easy if you cheese it (which I recommend). The Iron Banner has also returned for those who care. I don’t really see the point since none of the gear will help get you to 32. I’ll skip it and focus my attention on the PVE. Having said that, doing the Iron Banner bounties is a great way to level up weapons and armor. You will need The Dark Below expansion to do the Iron Banner.

We have a lot to get to today, so here are the bounties for 12/16:

Vanguard Bounties

Relic Harvest – Cosmodrome
Collect 200 Sensor Mites in Cosmodrome.
50 / 2500
One For All
Achieve Gold Tier Rating in Public Events.
100 / 5000
Exalted Hive
Kill 10 Hive Majors or Ultras.
100 / 5000
Predator and Prey
Kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them.
50 / 2500
TARGET: Zydron, Gate Lord
Defeat Zydron in the “Eye of a Gate Lord” mission on Venus with the Heroic modifier active.
100 / 5000
Patrol the Moon
Complete 6 Patrol missions on the Moon.
50 / 2500 /10 HF


A nice day for bounties. I’d make sure to get the Exalted Hive one before doing the weekly or Nightfall; combine it with the Eris bounty and knock out several at once.

Crucible Bounties

Back Scratcher
Earn 50 Assists in the Crucible.
50 / 2500
Ash and Dust
Defeat 15 Guardians with a Rocket Launcher.
50 / 2500
Defeat 50 Guardians with headshots.
100 / 5000
All For One
Complete 5 Skirmish Matches.
100 / 5000
Earn 10 Fusion Rifle Sprees in the Crucible.
100 / 5000
That’s How I Roll
Earn 5 Multikill medals.
100 / 5000


The Crucible playlist for today is Rumble.

Crota’s Bane Bounties

The Wakening Stop the Hive from summoning Crota’s soul in “The Wakening” on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active. 100 / 5000
Blades of Crota Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon. 75 / 3750
Deadshot Collector Kill Hive with precision damage while under the effect of a Black Wax Idol. 75 / 3750
The Unseen While invisible, land the killing blow on a Hive Wizard with a Sniper Rifle. 75 / 3750
The Cleansing Kill any Majors or Ultras in a Nightfall activity. 100 / 5000 / 3 MOL


A fifth bounty from Eris? Nice.

The Black Garden

Meridian Bay, Mars



Fight through the Gate and enter the Black Garden to destroy its heart.


HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.

JUGGLER – No ammo drops for your equipped weapon.


Cryptarch Engram

+5 Vanguard Marks

XP +4800 / +6000 / +7500

Ascendant Material (lvl 26) / +2 Ascendant Materials (lvl 30)

Destination Materials +10 / +12 / +16

The final mission of the game, and one of the hardest I guess even though it isn’t really that difficult. There’s a lot of enemies here, and the Juggler modifier is no fun. Make sure you have heavy weapon synthesis at the very least. I recommend a load out of a high impact primary, a sniper rifle, and a rocket launcher, and switch between the three fairly often to make ammo keep dropping for all of them.

When you get to the final encounter, focus only on the three bosses. Only spend ammo on the trash when it’s absolutely necessary. You definitely don’t want to send all your time using your primary weapon to kill trash only to realize that you have no more bullets to go after the big guy. Snipe him in the white “button” on his stomach, and hit him with a rocket launcher. You can often just run away from the trash that spawns.

The Summoning Pits

Ocean of Storms, Moon



The Hive gather the Darkness around them as they raise abominations from their pits within the Moon.

Weekly Heroic Modifiers:

HEROIC – Enemies appear in greater numbers and are more aggressive.

ARC BURN – Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.

Weekly Heroic Rewards:

Cryptarch Engram

 Vanguard Marks 3 / 6 / 10

Vanguard Rep 150 / 250 / 400

XP 4800 / 6000 / 7500

Strange Coins 3 / 6 / 9

Nightfall Modifiers:

EPIC – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers. .

LIGHTSWITCH – Minions of the Darkness deal much more melee damage.

ARC BURN – Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased.

ANGRY – Minions of the Darkness won’t flinch, even after massive damage.

NIGHTFALL – If all players die, your Fireteam is returned to Orbit.

Nightfall Rewards:

Unknown Rewards

This is one of the easier strikes. The hardest part of this strike is waiting on your Ghost to open the door while you fight off waves of enemies. Those waves include lots of Knights, and even worse major wizards. Bring your best sniper rifle. You have to be extremely careful during this Nightfall (and Heroic), especially when waiting on the door to open. The Knights and Wizards all do Arc damage. You can survive one hit, but you won’t survive two. Take your shots and move.

Killing Phogoth isn’t hard. Just cheese it by staying behind the door to the room you have to enter to even get to Phogoth. Run out, take shots at him, and then quickly retreat back out of that room and get back behind the door. You can’t just stay in that room, because if you do you’re going to spawn a Shrieker. So just run through the room, get some shots off, and quickly get back. Stand behind the door, take a few sniper shots at Phogoth, and then when he gets back out of sight, rinse and repeat.

Here’s a video from YouTube showing how to cheese it.

Make sure you do the Nightfall before doing anything else (other than heading to the Tower to pick up a few bounties) so that you can get the buff for everything else you do this week. If you get a good loot drop, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

I’m not going to solo this one; I’m going to run it with my brother. I’m hoping for something good this time. I’ll go solo the first two parts of the raid; I need them radiant shards.

That’s all for today Guardians. See you all tomorrow morning.

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4 Comments on Destiny Daily 12/16/14: The Iron Banner Returns,The Summoning Pits Await in the Weekly Heroic & Nightfall, Daily Bounties

  1. We ran the Nightfall in 15 minutes and the Weekly in 10. Then the Daily took us a HALF HOUR! That Black Garden really should have been a strike….


    • Agreed.

      What loot did you get from the Nightfall? I haven’t ran it yet, but I just got Dragon’s Breath from the first CE chest, another pair of raid gloves (dismantled for the radiant shards), some shards, the raid chest, and some energies. I now have enough radiant shards to upgrade one defense on my gloves. But I have the chest now, so the grind to 32 begins.


      • I got something silly like 11 ascendant shards. Meh.

        So it sounds like you’re able to get Raid Gear pretty easiliy in the new raid? I ran it once last week and didn’t get anything besides some shards and Black Hammer. Hoping for at least one piece of raid gear this week…


        • Yeah, it was easy for me at least. You should get something this week. I haven’t even attempted Crota yet (waiting on a new mic; people don’t like to do raids with folks without a mic). Last week I got the gloves for traversing the abyss and the boots for crossing the bridge. This week I got the gloves again for the abyss, and the chest for crossing the bridge. Really hoping when I do Crota that I get that Black Hammer. The only other weapon he’ll drop that I want is Word of Crota, and that’s a primary hand cannon that won’t drop until the hard mode comes out.

          I took my brother through the first two sections last week and he didn’t get anything but materials either. Took a clanmate through as well, and he only got the boots for crossing the bridge. I’ve had good luck with it. Leveling up an alt Hunter so I can do it again.


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